5 Essential Oils That Can Reduce Stress

Smell is intensely linked to both memory and emotion, perhaps more than any other sense. The perfume industry has long been aware of this fact, but lately, people have opted to take their scents into their own hands with essential oils. These intense aromatic compounds are derived from plants and have the power to changeContinue reading “5 Essential Oils That Can Reduce Stress”

3 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Get Some Quiet-Time Daily

Do you ever feel as though you need to just shut everything out for a few minutes? Life can become so full and busy, whether with the obligations at home, the noise and swirl of a workplace, or the multi-tasking pulls of motherhood, we all experience the “noise of life” in different ways. Many timesContinue reading “3 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Get Some Quiet-Time Daily”