4 Tips to Ease Stress & Boost Gut Health By De-Cluttering

Have you noticed that when you enter certain spaces, whether it be home or work, that you can feel an energy shift, either positive or negative? There can be a few reasons for this, but one big bold positive energy shifter is visual peace (or lack there of). There are scientific studies that show thatContinue reading “4 Tips to Ease Stress & Boost Gut Health By De-Cluttering”

4 Surefire Fat-Burning Snacks

If your mission is to lose weight, then burning fat should be at the top of your list. One way to do this is by picking some good fat-burning snacks. The following snacks are really easy to grab and take with you, but also burn lots of fat and get you on the path ofContinue reading “4 Surefire Fat-Burning Snacks”

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