DIY Lavender Relaxing Bath Fizzie

Bath fizzie (bombs) are a relaxing and fun way to take a bath, while also improving your skin and enhancing your “you time”. So, what’s with the name…”fizzie”? These are usually called bombs, but that word doesn’t evoke relaxation and serenity. So, I like to use the term “fizzies”. The name describes what they actuallyContinue reading “DIY Lavender Relaxing Bath Fizzie”

5 Medicinal Herbs To Grow At Home

Many herbs provide medicinal properties, either on their own or in addition to other herbs and combinations.

5 Essential Oil Blends For Your Healthy Life

Using a diffuser for your essential oils is a great way to get benefits through aromatherapy, where you are inhaling the scents. You can either use one oil at a time, or combine them for different effects.

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