Eat Less Naturally With Intermittent Fasting’s “Eating Window”

We’ve all been there. Counting calories. Tracking macros. Exercising daily. Weighing way too often to track progress…and so on… Hey, I get it. We as 40-somethings are just trying to shed those irritating extra 10 pounds that are stubborn as all get out! If you’re ready to take a break from all the tracking andContinue reading “Eat Less Naturally With Intermittent Fasting’s “Eating Window””

3 Misconceptions About Intermittent Fasting

Fasting is an excellent way to improve your health, burn fat, and get tons of energy. Unfortunately, there are still some misconceptions people have about intermittent fasting, that might be affecting their results.

3 Top Intermittent Fasting Plans Explained

Have you been interested in trying out intermittent fasting, but aren’t sure which plan to follow? With intermittent fasting, there are multiple options as far as how long you fast and how long your eating window is. These are referred to as the protocols.

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