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I’m Becky, a Busy Mom, Educator, Homemaker, Army wife, and I love practical, natural health solutions!

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Regained energy,
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Balanced Your Hormones
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I did too!

That’s why I started Health Guru Gal…

To share practical, natural health solutions, that got to the point, making it easy for busy gals to boost their health, lose mommy weight, and regain energy with tips that work.

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How To Reduce Gut Bloat By Doing This One Thing…

Dealing with gut bloat, digestive issues, difficulty losing those pesky pounds, and trying to balance nutrition can feel like a high-wire act sometimes. It seems like society is shouting so many different rules and opinions, which change depending on which expert is speaking. Some people advise cutting out meat, while others promote eating more meatContinue reading “How To Reduce Gut Bloat By Doing This One Thing…”

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