The Secret That Can Help You Lose Those Pesky Pounds, If You Are Over-40

If you are over-40 and have been trying to get into better shape, but are frustrated to see that little progress has been made, you are not alone. When you’ve tried every new diet, and bought every book, loosing those pesky pounds can seem impossible sometimes.

It might be something other than diet that’s keeping that extra weight on. If any of that sounds like your situation, then it could be your metabolism. Once we move into the 40-something zone, metabolism can slow down, making it extra difficult to lose weight. Let’s talk a little about metabolism…

What is Metabolism

Metabolism is the name given to the chemical procedure carried out by the body when it converts the food you eat or the fat that your body has stored into energy. Even if you are lying very still, the body requires and energy source to keep all its involuntary functions going.

There are several factors that play a major role in dictating how many calories it will take to keep body functions moving and make it possible for you to repair cells. Age is a major factor to consider in metabolism.

When women get older (and wiser), the metabolism tends to slow down. That is why gals over-40 tend to gain weight quicker than their younger counterparts.

A slower metabolism means that the body won’t quickly burn calories or metabolize the fats stores in your body. This is why it is easy to end up gaining a few inches over time. The higher your metabolism, the more calories the you will burn and the easier it is to lose weight and keep it off. More on that in a bit…now let’s talk about sleep and metabolism are connected.

The Power Of Sleep

Every process in the body, including sleeping, burns calories. During sleep, the body makes all of the repairs and replaces cells that have become too damaged or weak to go on. During these rest periods, the food or fat your body has collected is converted into their most basic parts to be used to nourish the body and build new cells.

In general, the number of calories that it takes to make this happen, is called the metabolic rate. However, many gals over-40 have a difficult time getting quality sleep, which can cause their metabolic rate to become sluggish….

For many of us gals, sleeping through the night disappeared years ago…

We now survive by grabbing a really strong coffee to jump start our day. We have more responsibilities than ever before, including kids, work, and relationships…

Daily we find ourselves yawning by 10am, grabbing more caffeine and hoping we will have some energy to do something productive after work.

And then we look forward to “relaxing” at night, hoping that this will be the night that we can get a solid night’s sleep…

Sound familiar? Girlfriend, it can be tough, and I get it.

We’ve all been there before.

But what if you were actually able to sleep through the night and wake up rested?

I found a 10-second, easy, and practical routine that put an end to my hormone imbalance, quickly…without forcing me to make groundbreaking changes to my lifestyle…and resulted in better sleep, more energy & motivation, and got my body to stop holding onto those pesky pounds.

It has been a life changer for me, because I actually sleep through the night which has helped my metabolic rate tremendously. The supplement I use is called Hormone Balance, which contains DIM, Calcium D-Glucarate, Broccoli Extract, and Bioperine. Give it a try… It may just give you your best year ever!

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