5 Easy Grounding Techniques To Reduce Stress

Grounding is a technique that helps you balance your physical, emotional, mental energy and reconnect them to bring you into a present, calm state. It allows you to make some space between yourself and any stress that may be bottled up or anxiety that has been lingering.

Sometimes grounding is also called earthing, which is a therapeutic technique that involves doing activities that “ground” or electrically reconnect you to the earth. Practicing grounding typically engages one or more of your 5 senses but focuses mostly on physical connection with the earth.

Here are some easy grounding techniques using the 5 senses to help reduce stress, ease anxiety, and bring a sense of balance to your beautiful self.

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What sounds bring you peace and calm?

Sound can be a grounding technique, as it can shift you into a different state of mind, allowing for a clearer perspective.

The sound might be white noise like the sound of your bedroom fan or maybe the sound of water. Listening to the rain, a creek, waves crashing, or even a fish tank circulating water can help to soothe the mind and bring calm to the body.

There are also many noise machines available that can mimic sounds of nature and white noise. Some women find these especially effective in their nighttime-sleep routine as they wind down and allow the mind to release the stress of the day.

Other people prefer music for their grounding, but make sure it isn’t loud or too fast-paced, as this may actually increase a stressful mind or worsen your anxiety.


Sight can be used for grounding by looking at a peaceful, or inspiring nature scene.

This can be something you are actually able to look at or just something you can imagine in your mind. You don’t need to hike a mountain to look at beautiful nature. Sometimes just stopping and focusing on a grouping of plants, the bark of a tree, or the details of a blooming flower can bring your mind into a state of grounding.

Not able to get outside easily? No problem. Try visually diving into artwork on the wall (it doesn’t have to be in a gallery), a nature scene on your computer, or even something that is colorful (such as a cool coffee mug) near you. Getting yourself visually into another mindset and allowing your mind to have the freedom to think differently for a few minutes can have a grounding effect.


Smell is an easy way to reduce anxiety. It can instantly change your mood and bring you into another frame of mind. Anchoring with a scent or a smell that you find calming, by using aromatherapy with oils or candles, can be very effective. Many scents are known for soothing the senses and helping with anxiety, like lavender, chamomile, and ylang-ylang.

Try experimenting with different blends of essential oils specifically designed to reduce stress and anxiety. Aromatherapy candles can awaken the senses of smell and sight, through the flickering for the mesmerizing flame and the scent of the essential oils within the candle.

Try to put candles or oil diffusers in different areas of your home and office so you can access them easily.


Wake up your taste senses by tasting something invigorating like tart lemon, briny pickle, or spicy pepper. To use taste for grounding purposes, it needs to be something that immediately awakens this sense, brings you into the present, and pulls you away from your stress for a moment.

As you allow the taste of the food to bring you into the present, give yourself permission to dive deeper into the experience of the taste. How does it feel and what thoughts are coming into your awareness? Be sure to breathe and let yourself absorb the moment and feel the change of your state from the taste.


Touch is one of my favorites when it comes to grounding. Standing or walking on the earth is an easy way to practice grounding, through earthing, and begin to relax your mind and body. If you can, get outside on your bare feet, stand or walk on either dirt, grass, or sand so you are touching the earth.

Connecting to the Earth’s natural electric charge has been shown to stabilize physiology, and reduce inflammation, pain, and stress. It has also been said to improve blood flow, energy, and sleep. Many people experience a greater sense of well-being after they have spent time grounding.

Other great options for touch include touching any object near you, feeling warm or cool water, touching natural things such as a tree, grass, or rock.

Remember that you can take small actions to ground yourself and the results can add up to a better sense of calm, less stress, and reduced anxiety in a short amount of time.

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