3 Surefire Ways You Can Boost Your Immune System

As schools get ready to re-open after a turbulent year (let’s not sugar coat it… it was “chaos”), short summer, and many students returning to campuses after more than a year, we find ourselves in the midst of the rise of the Delta Variant of COVID-19.

Many of us just feel weary, and “so done” with this virus and the havoc it has caused our lives and society. That being said, we have to remember that we are strong and we can bolster our immune systems to help protect us from rogue viruses and their evil alter-egos.

However, it can be frustrating trying everything you know to do to keep your immune system strong, like taking supplements, exercising, masking, sanitizing, and social distancing and still wondering if it is actually making a difference.

This may have you wondering what else can be done to super-charge your immune system, so you can have a better peace-of-mind. Here are a few of the options to consider.

Action #1 – Reduce Small Stressors

One of the first things that could be affecting your immune system is the accumulation of small stressors.

You may think: ” I don’t have enormous amount of stress in my life” or “I can manage my stress”.

However, stress does not always appear in a large form, or in what we might consider an “immune system killer”. It may be many small stressors that can build into one major stress filled reaction causing your immune system to be less effective.

This stress can come from working through a chaotic daily schedule that has you going non-stop, trying to maintain a large to-do list, or from dealing with the issues of other people in your home and family.

At this point you might be thinking – “All the above is not going to change!”… But what if you could reduce a few of the stress points within you workplace, to-do list, home, schedule, or interactions? Or maybe you can take some time within your day to “let go” of some of the stress that you are holding tight within yourself. Check out the following action steps that might give you some relief from stress build up.

ACTION STEP 1: Try journaling to help flush out the stressors that could be in your life (that you may not have realized were a problem). You can identify them and then work through them at your own pace to help reduce the impact on your immune system. Taking just a few minutes to have quiet time and let it all out on paper, can in itself, be a stress releasor.

ACTION STEP 2: Not into writing?…No problem. Taking 10 minutes of breathing, meditation, or prayer can be just as effective. Find a calm, quiet space and time within your day and sit still. Take deep breaths while noticing the muscles in your body. Start by relaxing your facial muscles and travel down the body from there.

To help clear the mind, find a phrase, word, or thought that you can repeat with every breath. My words are “abundance” and ” gratitude”. I inhale Abundance and exhale Gratitude. Find the words that are relevant for your life.

Action #2 – Hydrate To Improve Your Immunity

Tired of hearing people say “drink more water”? It seems too easy, but many of us don’t get enough water within our day. Hydration is a major element in keeping your body running smoothly, especially with your immune system.

If your body does not have the proper hydration, then it cannot function at its highest levels. This puts stress on your organs, on your weight loss efforts, and on your immune system. It is basically having to work without the key components it needs to function.

You may think that you are getting enough hydration, but remember, your body needs plain filtered water to keep it going (coffee doesn’t count – and I LOVE coffee!). Make sure that you are getting as much, if not more, water as you are other hydration options and beverages.

ACTION STEP: Find a water bottle that you love, preferably metal or glass, and keep it by your side throughout the day. This will be a visual reminder to drink-up. You will also have a better idea of how much water you’re getting by how many times you are filling up your water bottle.

Action #3 – Better Sleep Boosts Immune Health

One aspect of daily routines that people tend to overlook, especially when it comes to the connection between your body and your immune system, is sleep.

Although you may be getting enough hours of sleep, is it quality deep sleep?

Is blue light inadvertently hindering your melatonin production? If you feel like your sleep could be better, try using blue light blockers at night. They can help your natural melatonin kick in sooner and give your body what it need to get restorative sleep.

Many women have found that tracking their sleep quality with a sleep tracking app has made a big difference in how they look at their sleep cycles.

ACTION STEP: Try tracking your sleep with a sleep monitor system found on most fitness trackers. It can help determine if you are getting deep sleep and how much. If you are not getting solid deep sleep, it might be having an affect on your immune system. Data with action is power!

Remember that making small changes can add up to big results over time. Making sure that your immune system is functioning at full throttle, will help you to feel more confident during this pandemic “round 2”.

You have the power to super-charge your immune health! Stay strong, Busy Beauty!

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