5 Secrets to Successful Outdoor Fitness…Even During the Hot Summer!

If you’re a busy gal who has decided that you plan to be committed to a workout schedule, even during the hot days of summer, then girl, you rock!

Here are a few tips that can help you on your fitness journey as you venture out into the wild summer weather to accomplish your daily workout goals.

Get the Forecast Ahead of Time


First thing in the morning, take a look at your local hourly forecast. You want to avoid dealing with funky weather during your outdoor summer workout.

Depending on the forecast, you can strategically plan your workout within the day, giving it the priority it needs. You can adjust the time, location, duration, or type of workout you do according to the weather.

The last thing you want to do is plan an amazing summer hike, only to find out you are walking up a mountain in 100-degree heat or dealing with a full cloud burst with thunder and lightening.

It’s also good to stay aware of any possible pollen or air quality warnings. Low quality air can make outdoor training tough and can be damaging to your health efforts.

Pick A Good Time of Day For You


So when is your best exercising time?

Some gals prefer to get their workout done early, before the days begins and the heat rises. However, maybe you want to wait until sunset, to avoid the sun beating down upon you.

Which ever time you chose, it needs to be right for YOU. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says, you know your body and schedule the best. Go with your plan.

If you find that sometime the day gets away from you and the workout gets cut. Then you might want to see if you can plan an early workout.

If you’re a busy mom, this might mean getting up before the kids, to get it done during the summer schedule. It may feel like a struggle getting up earlier, but once the workout is over, you will feel amazing knowing that is a big thing checked off you list.

You can even try a half-half strategy. Maybe get up a little earlier and do your cardio in the morning and then catch the other part of your workout after the sun sets and the evening temps drop.

Give Your Skin Room


One way to stay cool is to wear looser clothes or clothes that allow your skin to have better ventilation.

Wearing a lighter color like white can also help your body to stay cool by reflecting the light away from you.

If you have to workout in the sun, you might check into the long sleeve clothes that offer ventilation, light-weight fabric, and moisture wicking properties.

Drink A Lot of Water


Ok I know this goes without saying…drink more water.

There are a lot of women who live their lives while dehydrated without being aware of it. Hydration helps your cells to continue to function which helps energy, digestion, skin health, and muscle recovery.

Try to take a drink every 10 minutes during workouts, in the summer months, to be sure that you’re replenishing the water that you’re losing in the form of sweat.

Listen To Your Beautiful Body


This is the most important bit of advice… be aware of the signals that your body is sending you. Your body has a lot of ways of sending you signs to let you know there is a problem, so you don’t want to ignore those messages.

Over-heating can happen easily in a humid, hot environment (even in the shade). Some symptoms of over heating to be aware of are:
Heavy sweating
Cold, pale, and clammy skin
Fast, weak pulse
Nausea or vomiting
Muscle cramps
Tiredness or weakness

If you have any of these signs, stop exercising, drink water or an electrolyte replacement drink and get out of the heat. Seek medical attention if symptoms don’t go away.

Exercising in the heat of summer is totally do-able with forethought and safe strategies.

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