3 Easy DIY Methods to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth at Home

Ready to have a dazzling smile without having to pay a dentist or use chemicals in your mouth? There are natural ways to whiten your smile without harsh products.

I have tried the prescription methods as well as the over-the-counter whitening strips. Although these can get results, they can also cause major tooth sensitivity and down right pain.

I thought I had something actually wrong with my teeth, due to the increased sensitivity caused by the trays and strips. Why did it not work for me?

Tooth sensitivity is most often caused by the bleaching solution used to whiten teeth. Bleaching solution?… I know they don’t actually use “bleach” but the combo of chemicals can be very harsh.

Standard teeth whitening solutions can remove minerals within the enamel and cause the teeth to become temporarily porous, exposing micro tubules within the teeth.

This may damage the dental enamel, causing irritation to the gums and tooth sensitivity. Some of these effects will eventually fade, but damage to the dental enamel can be permanent and irreversible.

That being said, there are natural ways to get your teeth sparkly, bright, and beautiful with harsh chemicals.

Check out these healthy ways to whiten your teeth naturally and inexpensively.

Brighten With Baking Soda


This is a tried and true method of whitening your teeth naturally. You can either wet your toothbrush and add some baking soda to it, or combine baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

Choose your option, add it to your toothbrush, and start brushing your teeth just like you normally would. Pay more attention to the front enamel of your teeth where you want them to be whitened.

You can also use hydrogen peroxide as a rinse, followed by rinsing with plain water. This will kill bacteria in your mouth and improve your breath at the same time.

Activated Charcoal Smile


Charcoal is another ingredient that can be used to whiten your teeth naturally.

Grab the powdered form of activated charcoal, which is easy to find online or at your local natural grocery store.

Wet your toothbrush, preferably one used only for this purpose, then dip it into the activated charcoal powder. Now brush your teeth for 2 minutes just like any other day. If you are consistent and do this daily, you will start to notice that your teeth are much whiter.

There are also companies that have their version of charcoal toothpaste. It seems odd to squirt black gel onto a toothbrush, to get your teeth whiter…but it works!

Give Coconut Oil Pulling a Try

Coconut oil pulling has been around for a while…a tried and true method for whitening teeth.

Coconut pulling is known to whiten your teeth while also improving your breath, getting rid of bacteria, and cleaning between your teeth where your toothbrush won’t reach.

It is called “pulling” because as you have the oil in your mouth, you swish (or pull) the oil through your teeth, back and forth.

You want to melt the coconut oil first to a liquid form, then swish it and pull through your teeth about 10-15 minutes, or up to 20 minutes if you can handle it.

Have fun trying these methods of teeth whitening. As with any health practice, if you have unwanted effects, discontinue use. Check with your dental care provider or naturopathic doctor for additional information about the health of your teeth.

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