Surefire Ways To Reduce Your Stress and Heal Your Gut

A few years ago, if someone would’ve told me that stress could negatively affect my gut health, I’m not sure I would have fully believed it.

Not to mention using the word “gut health”…

Most gals don’t realize that gut distress such as bloating, gas, gut pain, constipation, or general gut discomfort, can be caused by excessive stress.

Although stress comes in various forms, even mild stress can cause the gut to react.

Do you notice that when you travel your gut gets out of sorts?

Traveling is a perfect example of how both good and bad stress can effect your gut. Heading towards a traveling adventure can be an exciting time (especially after the year we’ve just been through).

However, the change in schedule, food, and activity that go along with travel can cause stress which can negatively affect the gut.

So…how is stress linked to gut health?

When you experience a lot of stress, your BRAIN ENTERS INTO SURVIVAL MODE, which affects how much blood goes to your gut…

…Over time, long periods of reduced blood flow can lead to the good bacteria in your gut being weakened or damaged. This enables bad bacteria to multiply.

The result is the weakening of the intestinal lining, which is why people tend to get sick when highly stress and are more susceptible to nutrient deficiency. 

Do you have signs of a stressed gut?

When your gut is compromised due to stress, it can show up in a variety of ways….

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Constant upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Esophageal spasms
  • Nausea
  • Constipation

Although it is important for us to make daily choices to build up our gut health, taking small steps toward reducing stress within our day can help to bolster and positively effect gut heath.

Need an easy solution…

Try to set aside just a few minutes a day to start to reduce stress in your life, relax and unwind.

This might be as simple as carving out 10 minutes of time and doing some breathing exercises, meditation, or sipping some tea and enjoying the quiet.

Or maybe it is taking a hot bath in the evening, using relaxing essential oils like lavender and chamomile is your diffuser, journaling, listening to music, or just taking a walk in nature.

For a busy mom, 10 minutes of “you-time” may seem tough to get during the day.

However, setting aside just 10 minutes for yourself, once the kids have gone to bed, can have 10x positive effects within your life.

Think of it as the gift you give yourself, since you give to everyone else throughout the day.

So, instead of running around the house, cleaning and organizing… take just 10 minutes to relax, breath, and reduce your stress. Whatever you do after that will be done in a better mindset.

Taking small steps toward reducing stress in your day can have positive long term results with your gut health and also radiate positively into other areas of your life.

WANT TO DIVE DEEPER INTO GUT HEALTH? Click HERE to check out my interview with Becky Wells, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

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