A Healthy Gut Equals Better Sleep! See Why…

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep the whole night? Although there can be many factors that can cause low quality sleep, it might be time to look at gut health and its connection with sleep quality.

Check out some of the “whys” and the “ways” to improve the health of your gut to promote better sleeping patterns. 

Why Sleeplessness…

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Scientists studied young healthy adults who suffer from sleeplessness on a routine basis to determine why they have insomnia. Research revealed that the individuals with insomnia tended to have poor bacterial systems in their guts.

The poor gut health of the test subjects led to changes in the body’s circadian rhythms, and in many cases, the test subjects also displayed anxiety while trying to sleep, including chronic bruxism or teeth grinding. 

Can You Repair Your Gut To Improve Your Sleep? 

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Improving the digestive system’s functioning can improve your sleeping patterns, including reducing insomnia. Scientists believe that adjusting the balance of the bacteria in the gut can help you to sleep better. Ingesting foods with more probiotics and antioxidants can begin to shift gut bacteria into balance.

Try adding foods to your diet such as richly colored fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and even dark chocolate! Fermented foods, such as yogurt or kombucha, contain live cultures that can also promote balance the bacteria in the digestive tract.

There are many probiotic supplements available that can be effective in probiotic gut boosting. Look for probiotics that are naturally sourced.

Avoid Late Night Eating (Especially Spicy Food)

Eating close to bedtime can cause restlessness when trying to settle down for sleep. According to ConeHealth.com ,when we eat late at night, the muscles that digest and metabolize our food have to keep working when they should be resting. This can delay your ability to fall asleep and can prevent you from getting the deep, restful stage of sleep you need to feel refreshed the next day.

Research has also shown that greasy or spicy food consumption before going to bed can lead to poor sleep, especially when someone has acid reflux.

Drinking too many caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, right before bedtime, can change the digestive system’s health. So be mindful of the amount and timeframe that you consume these types of beverages.

Healthy Gut. Healthy Life.


While your gut health might not be the sole reason you are struggling with your sleep, it is a good thing to consider. According to Healthline.com, A healthy gut supports a strong immune system, heart health, improved brain health, elevated mood, quality sleep, and effective digestion. It may also help to prevent some cancers and autoimmune diseases.

Remember…small changes over time can lead to big results!

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