Shortcuts To Clear The Clutter

Does it seem that no matter how much you try to clean up and organize, a moment later you turn around and see another mess? It can be an ongoing struggle to keep our homes tidy and visually peaceful (especially with kiddos running around).

There is a pro-organizer that I interviewed, named Janet M. Taylor, who Rachel Ray called the “Clutter-free Queen”. In our interview, Janet shared tips, tricks, and shortcuts to help clear the clutter and create peace. She answered these questions:

How does a busy gal, who isn’t naturally wired with organizational skills, begin to de-clutter her space?

What has been a common clutter challenge that you’ve seen and how did you solve it?

What health benefits do you see once a woman’s life has been de-cluttered?

What advice would you give to women who have a house full of kids on how to get everyone participating to keep the house clutter-free?

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