Making Peace With Our Bodies

How many times during the day do you feel unsatisfied with something about your body? Not feeling much peace when you look in the mirror? We’ve heard that we need to love our bodies… but, as women, we can be pretty tough on ourselves.

If you want to find out the strategies for how to make peace with your body, then your going to want to catch my interview with Eliza Kingsford, mind/body practitioner and nationally recognized weight management and body image expert, and author of Brain Powered Weight Loss.

In our interview, Eliza will give valuable answers to these questions:

  1. What practical steps can we take to make peace with our bodies?
  2. Can you tell us about the Psychology of Eating and what Aligned Eating means? 
  3. What are the common challenges that many women face with weight loss and how do you help them manage their weight and get into the right mindset.
  4. What is the secret to permanent weight loss?

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