How To Find an Exercise That You Love

Have you tried finding an exercise that you truly love, but have been disappointed? Then you will want to check out my interview with Mia St-Aubin, exercise goddess and the founder of the largest free health and fitness movement in Canada’s capital.

She is on a mission to change the face of fitness and to change the way we look at our health. Mia believes that with the right tools we can finally understand what it truly means to “feel good”.

Mia will be sharing her valuable knowledge about:
How a busy woman can truly find an exercise that she loves.
The truth about the misconceptions our society has been telling us about diet and exercise!

What steps we can take as women to shift to a healthy mindset about exercise and fitness.

Join us for this exclusive interview with Mia by grabbing a ticket for the Busy Gals Health Secrets Summit. Click HERE for your FREE ticket!

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