Sure-fire Ways to Increase Your Positive Mindset

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What is your typical mindset?..

How do you tend to think about most things, situations in life, and the world in general?

Mind-set can be seen as what your thought processes or outlook on life is in a variety of situations. Whether you’re out on a fun night out with friends, or dealing with a challenge at work, or how you process severe loss and trauma.

Everyone has a different pattern of thoughts and emotions tied into their mindset.

If you feel like you are ready to shift into a more positive and healthy mindset, it is possible to change your mindset which can ultimately improve your mental health.

Let’s look into how to shift from a negative-based outlook to a healthier, positive mindset.

Remember…You have the power over your mindset!

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Understanding Fixed Vs. Growth Mindsets

While there are many ways to change your mindset in order to improve your outlook on life, the fixed vs growth mindset is a great place to start.

Understanding which mindset you tend to think in, is the first step in changing how you think about progress and what might be improved in your own life.

Many people develop a fixed mindset without realizing it.

This means your outlook tend to be set in a certain way and unless you recognize a pattern, the belief or pattern won’t be changed.

Many of our beliefs are engrained from our childhood and we don’t even realize it…

With a growth mindset, it is nearly the opposite. A Growth mindset has a view that creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for accomplishing goals. whether big or small, in every area of life.

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A step to take towards a Growth mindset is recognizing when you get irritated or have negative thought rushing through your head.

Stop and look at the situation…observe yourself and what you’re feeling. What was the trigger that threw you into a negative thought process?

When you start recognizing triggers in you life, you can be ready with positive counter-measures and statements to counter-act and stop the negative thought pattern from taking over.

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When the inner critic starts to speak (or yell), recognized it…and realize you don’t have to listen. Try substituting a positive mantra, action, or encouraging statement that helps to shift away from the inner-critics voice.

Encourage yourself, the same way you would lift up someone that you love. It is good to show love to yourself and let the encouraging voice speak loudly within your head.

Start turning up the volume on the inner-voice that speaks (and sees) things with a positive view.

There are enough critics in this world. The voice in your head doesn’t need to be another.

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