4 Proven Ways To Improve Your Productivity and Focus

Do you feel distracted when you are trying to be in a “productive mode”? There are numerous things that can draw attention away from the task at hand, such as kids, pets, phone, texts, social media, and more…

But have you ever considered that clutter could be part playing a part in distraction? When you’re surrounded by clutter or disorganized items, knick-knacks, and things you simply don’t use anymore, it can be difficult to feel serene in your own space. That, in turn, can make it difficult to get into a flow state and do effective work.

Here are four benefits how clearing out your clutter will bring about an improvement in your mental clarity, focus, and ability to get things done. 

Creating Visual Peace

Busy women, like us, tend to thrive in clean, spacious, organized environments. It can be difficult to relax and feel good in a room that’s cramped and jumbled with odds and ends. Clutter isn’t just unsightly — it’s stressful, and it takes up your mental bandwidth, whether you realize it or not. Cleaning up allows you to get into a truly relaxed and focused state of mind. 

TIP: If you don’t have the time to deep clean, then just take 5 minutes to tidy and create a visual peace. Sometimes just repositioning items into a more organized place, can help create visual peace, which can help you focus.

Say Goodbye to Small Disorganization Stress


When your space is cluttered, life can feel a little out of control. It’s easy to lose important things, like that bill you need to pay this week, in piles of other stuff if you aren’t organized.

Paring back your belongings and keeping them sorted will help you find everything you need, right when you need it. If you have places for things to land when they come into your home, such as mail, then it can easily go to that place and not get set on the counter, table, or chair. This small habit can help easily reduce the clutter and reduce your stress a few levels.

Take Back Control

Being a control freak gets a bad rap, but the truth is that humans need a sense of control over their life and space to be happy. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should try to control everything around you, but you can definitely control the clutter levels in your house, car, and office. You’ll likely find that keeping your personal space clear and clutter-free gives you a sense of happiness, peace, and confidence. 

Declutter For A Positive Mindset


Your surroundings influence your mind, so why not declutter to set yourself up for success? Decluttering puts you in a positive, can-do mindset that carries over into other areas of your life. We tend to feel more positive and have more energy when we spend time in clean, non-cluttered environments. When a surrounding makes you feel better on a day-to-day basis, it can affect your mental outlook and productivity.

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