How To Master Your Health as a Busy Women (…even if you have zero time and a long “to-do” list!…)

I am SO excited to share this news with you today! I’m hosting an upcoming summit made just for women like you!

Introducing the Busy Gals Health Secrets Summit!

For three days, there will be interviews with 27 industry experts who have tons of valuable advice to share with you all about practical health solutions, tips, tricks, and short-cuts for busy women.

We’re going to be talking all about hormone balance, beauty, skin, mind-set, libido, fitness, healthy home, stress relief, time-management, body healing and much, MUCH more!

This is an event you’re not going to want to miss! Afraid you can’t “be there”? Don’t worry!

The 2021 Busy Gals Health Secrets Summit is a FREE, VIRTUAL online conference!

You don’t have to travel – we bring the interviews to you! They’ll be broadcast over the web, so you can watch from the comfort of home.

What’s more? It’s FREE. Yes, really! You can watch every speaker’s interview for 24 hours after it goes live. See the agenda and get your FREE ticket at

So what are you waiting for? Join me at the 2021 Busy Gals Health Secrets Summit. Grab your FREE ticket today!

Published by HealthGuruGal

I'm inspired to share my health journey, knowledge, and discoveries with those that feel drawn toward a healthy life and strive to make positive steps toward optimal wellness, mindfulness, and being a whole person. Interesting things about me: Olympic gold medalist 1996, mom of 3 sons, performed with Cirque du Soliel's "O", taught yoga for many years, and love art and creativity, and I beleive everyone has AMAZING inside of them!

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