Health Benefits Of “Keeping It Simple”

Does your life often feel too complex? As busy women, we often have numerous things going one at the same time, which can be a bit stressful and take a toll on our health. If you’re curious to find out easy ways to simplify your life, check out these tips for “keeping it simple”.

Simple Meals

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When viewing your eating habits through the lens of a “simplifying life”, take a close look at your eating and meal plans. If there is a meal in your day that tend to be complex and cause stress, see if there is a way to reduce the steps of that meal situation, even if it is starting with one simple meal during the week that replaces a complex one.

For example, if you have a meal where you are feeding a family, that eats at different times and has food restrictions or preferences, try a taco bar. With taco bars, most ingredients can be prepped in advance. When dealing with various schedules, meat can be put on a crock pot to keep it ready for eating throughout the dinner-time window. If you chose a day in the week, to serve tacos, then that is your “easy” day. Start one day at a time to begin to keep it simple.

Capture Your Time

Streamlining your lifestyle allows you to give yourself more time to do the things that hold your interest. If you’re a busy mom, this can be trickier, but it is still possible to carve out some time for YOU (even if it is just a small pocket of time daily).

Living a simpler life can mean letting go of some of those “time-eaters” and also capturing other small windows of time that are just “no-mans-land” and not being used productively.

Look at you daily life and see if there are ways to capture some of your time back. For example, many grocery stores offer grocery pick up or delivery. Using this service, often available for free or small fee, can save your a few hours in your week, which can reduce some of the running around that you do, and give you time to catch your breath.

Have a Plan

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A plan puts you in control of what you want to be doing, and when you want to be doing it. This can be as simple as a “to-do” list or as detailed as a large step-by-step hourly planner for the day. We are all wired differently, so go with what works best for you.

Being able to prioritize your time allows you to assign appropriate time limits on your activities makes it easier to move seamlessly through your day without feeling as though the day has gotten away from you. You are going to know exactly when it is time to move on to the next task for the day. Following your plan can give you a sense of security.

More Freedom

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Having your time more well laid out also gives you the freedom to know when you can take some personal time for yourself. If you get a task done efficiently, then you can add that time to your free time slot of the day. This kind freedom will give you more time to allocate to whatever activities you choose.

Generate Confidence

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Knowing that each day now holds a set of accomplishments rather than a pile of unfinished projects will bring you a confidence to move forward in all that you do. As you grow and adjust in your routine, so will your confidence. Just remember to always be patient with yourself, and be sure to think deeply about the task that is right in front of you.

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