Easy Ways You, As A Busy Gal, Can Practice Self-Care


Do you find it challenging to get even a moment to take a few deep breaths let alone try to find time for self-care?

Self-care does not need to to take a lot of time within your day and is not just for stress relief but also for overall mental health. It can do everything from help after a bad day to improve your self confidence. If you can find a few minutes at some point in your day, you can have a little “you” time. Here are some different ways to practice self care every day.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

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A really excellent way to start practicing self care every day is to keep a gratitude journal. This is something you can easily keep with you no matter where you are, whether you put it in your purse or briefcase, have it by your bedside, or have a digital journal on your computer.

With Gratitude journaling, you are able to write down thankfulness thoughts whenever you have a spare few minutes. Writing things down that you are grateful for can lead into additional journaling that can be very cathartic for you.

Have Alone Time Every Day…Even Just 2 Minutes


Many women might laugh at the thought of having “alone time” and wonder how that could possibly happen. Alone time might be going into your room before you get dressed and taking 2 minutes to breathe and reset your energy. For other gals, it might be a 30-minute walk that you go on after dinner, or just 5 minutes in the morning before everyone else gets up while you enjoy your cup of coffee.

It can seem so simple and minimal, but these little stretches of time where you are alone and just doing something for yourself can make all the difference.

Get Some Exercise That You Actually Like

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When the advice is given to “get more exercise”, many gals might think…”Yep, I’ve heard this before”. However, exercise doesn’t have to be an hour long group fitness class or a long trip to the gym. For busy women, exercise needs to be practical and do-able for your schedule, or else it won’t happen.

Try to find a way to get some exercise, even a walk or short stretching session can make a difference in your physical and mental health. Exercise can make you feel better about yourself and raise your self confidence. Plus, exercise is really good for helping to relieve your stress and the endorphins you get from it can be tremendous for improving your mood.

Enjoy your version of self-care. Breathe in your calm and confidence. Find a schedule that works for you and your busy life and feel good about what you can do.

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