6 Daily Methods for Relieving Stress

Do you feel like you have been stressed-out recently? Stress can come in many forms and faces, and how you react to these stressors can make a significant difference in the quality life and your physical and mental health. Here are some practical methods to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the stressful events that occur in your daily life.

It’s Time To Get Physical

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Exercise in any form can make a huge impact on your stress relief. Not only can exercise maintain your weight, but also allows the mind and body to release tension that is caused by the build up of stress. Rather than taking medications to reduce your anxiousness, find a physical activity that you enjoy. Experts recommend exercising at least three times a week, but if you want to eliminate the stress from work or school, then find a physical activity such as bicycling, jogging, or walking that you can enjoy each day.

Breathe… Just Breathe


We obviously are breathing all the time, so you might wonder how can breathing more make a difference. If you are having a stressful day, try taking a minute or two to practice mindful breathing that you can do anytime, anywhere to eliminate your anxious thoughts. One of the breathing techniques that can be very effective for stress relief is taking a deep breath to fill your lungs and releasing the air slowly as you count to 20. Repeat this a few times and you will notice that your blood pressure declines and your racing thoughts stop.

A Healthy Diet Matters


When you consume a healthy diet, your body and mind have the tools to cope with stress better than if the body is lacking in nutrition. A healthy diet includes a servings of fruits and/or vegetables along with whole-grain foods, and lean protein. Try to limit eating sugar as it can negatively affect the brain and make it more difficult to deal with stressful situations. In addition, be sure to drink several glasses of water each day to remain hydrated for optimal body functioning.

Be Social


By socializing each day, you can reduce your stress levels. Time spent with your friends and family (the positive family members) can boost your happiness levels. When you are socializing, your brain releases serotonin to improve your overall mood, and when you have a happier mood, your stress is reduced.

Expose Your Skin to Sunlight

If you are inside most of the day, then you may not be getting enough sunlight exposure. Scientists recommend exposing your skin to sunlight for 20 minutes each day to increase your body’s vitamin D levels. With more vitamin D in your body, you are able to cope with stress along with having additional physical energy and mental alertness.

Increase Your Mindfulness

With daily meditation, you can increase your mindfulness. It is easy to get stuck in th trap of thinking about all the things you need to do in the future or dwelling in the past. However, when we do that, we are not living in the present. When you practice meditation each day, it helps you to focus on today by clearing the troubling thoughts from your mind. This can help you see the stressors for what they are rather than having them overwhelm your life. Practicing mindfulness even 5 minutes per day can make a big difference with relieving your stress levels.

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