4 Time Management Tips to Reduce Stress and Overwhelm

Do you put pressure on yourself or become overwhelmed by duties, demands, and responsibilities, which leads to a high level of stress in your life? While stress comes in many forms and is caused by many things, when your stress is generated from not having enough time for all your responsibilities, it might be time to take a deep breath and look at time management methods. Here are some ways to improve time management for reducing stress and overwhelm in your life.

Choose Your Priorities

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If you want to better manage your time, try looking at your list of priorities. This is going to help you with various tasks that you need to get done, which will help to relieve some of your stress. Here are some tips for figuring out what is a priority in your life, and what you can put off for later:

Is there a deadline? Think about tasks that have a strict deadline, and get those done first. Designate these a priority, since they must be done by a certain date and time. The other tasks that are more open-ended can be saved for later and have a lower priority. If you try to do everything at once, you will stress yourself out very quickly.

Look at the big picture. Think about the tasks and what the end result is going to be. Is what you are doing at the moment busy work, or will it actually improve your life or accomplish a goal in some way?

How do you feel when working on the task? If there is something you start working on that immediately causes more stress and frustration, re-think whether this is a priority or not. If it is a priority, try to look at it with a different perspective and try to find one positive attribute that you can attach to it.

Does it affect people in your life? You might also want to think about certain tasks that could affect your family and friends in a positive or negative way. Tasks related to your kids schedule or helping your friend with something might be a priority, but make sure you are still looking for a balance.

Schedule Your Essential Tasks First

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For better time management and reduced stress, schedule in as many of your priority tasks as you can. This prevents the added stress from missing deadlines, not going to appointments, or letting all of this clutter enter your brain.

To manage your time effectively, you need a solid schedule. It is okay to make changes as other things come up, but at least start with tasks that will be worked on and when, so you have a better idea of how to spend the rest of your time.

“You Time” Should Be Included

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Make sure as you are scheduling your time, you remember about “you time”! No matter what you do or how busy you are, you need to have time for yourself, your health, family, and friends. If you don’t, you will hit burnout very quickly. This is why time management is so helpful – you not only schedule all your work tasks, but you also see where you have time for your personal life, exercise, and leisure time.

Try Logging Your Time

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In addition to scheduling your time, try keeping a log of what you do and when for a week or two. This will help you to look back and see how you have been spending your time, including where you go right, and where you can make improvements.

Maybe you have a day where you feel like you should have gotten more done, and don’t understand where the time went. By keeping a log, you could see when time slipped away and how to avoid those situations in the future .

You know your life and schedule the best. Try to look objectively, without criticism, and see when and where you can make adjustments to your daily or weekly schedule. Sometimes making just a few small changes can reduce overwhelm and stress, allowing you to have gratitude and peace in your life.

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