How Hygge Can Help Soothe Spring Allergies

Spring is the time when you feel refreshed, as the temperature gets warmer, you spend more time outdoors, and you can find that energy you were missing during the cold, winter months.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the practices of Hygge. In fact, this is a wonderful way to practice self-care year-round.

Although the Danish have been utilizing Hygge for centuries, the concept has only reached American shores with great popularity since 2017. During that time, Instagram and Twitter blew up with photos and tips of how to add Hygge into your lifestyle. In the event that you haven’t heard about the craze yet, this article will briefly touch on what Hygge actually is and how it can be used in the Spring to help remedy allergies. 

What Is Hygge?

At its very heart, Hygge promotes coziness. So, essentially, anything you associate with being cozy fits into the Hygge lifestyle. Do you have a favorite pair of sweatpants? Then lucky for you, they’re part of Hygge. Candles, fireplaces, blankets, enclosed spaces, warm temperatures, soft rugs, even softer couches and beds, essentially anything that brings you comfort is part of the Hygge way. Traditionally, the Danish use Hygge as a way to make it through their otherwise miserable winters. 

In a country where winter can seem to last forever and be quite harsh, Hygge was developed as a way to cope through those bitter temperatures until Spring and Summer arrived. Those who visited stayed in these little nooks where Hygge was practiced and fell in love with the cozy atmosphere. They decided to bring it back to their own countries, and before you knew it, Hygge was spreading like wildfire. 

Although the lifestyle of Hygge is typically utilized in the Winter, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can only be used in Winter. In fact, Hygge is something that should be utilized all year round. Here are some tips for implementing Hygge into your home during the Spring season. 

Escape Spring Allergies

While you may have made it through the Winter season without falling ill, you’re likely going to still fall prey to Spring allergies. Unless you’re one of the superhumans who doesn’t become allergic to plant pollen or mold, then you’ll probably find yourself with the sniffles at some point during the season. This is a time that can be woeful and full of suffering.

Although the room itself may not cure your allergies, it can certainly make you feel better if the room is equipped in the way that Hygge represents. Your head is congested, your nose is running, you may suffer from headaches, nose aches, scratchy throats, and you may even find it more difficult to breathe. This is something that your Hygge room can help with.

A Cozy Room

For some people, whenever they’re suffering from allergies or a cold, they need a nice and warm room to make themselves feel better. Having a warm room can also help to increase your body temperature and do a better job of fighting off the molecules that seek to make you ill or feel worn down. These warm temperatures are easily something that you can incorporate into your Hygge room by turning up the thermostat a bit or with a fireplace.

Absorbing the warmth of a cozy room and blanket can reach deep into your bones. Even if you don’t particularly want to be warm in the Spring, you should certainly give it a few hours in order to help your body relax. Everyone knows that stress can exacerbate illness and allergies. With this knowledge, it’s easy to suggest that by relaxing, you can help your body to heal from the illness or allergies.

Give Yourself Permission

Give yourself permission to have a short time for Hygee and selfcare. If you feel like your day is too busy, try allocating just 20-30 minutes. The rejuvenation that even a short amount of time of Hygee, can make a difference in your life.

No matter how much you’re suffering from allergies, being in a comfortable and cozy room can make you feel at least marginally better. You can wear the most comfortable clothes that you own and just lay out on the couch surrounded by comfortable items and materials. Try also drinking a hot herbal tea to add to your allergy relief. According to the Farmers Almanac, Chamomile tea is recognized throughout the world as a natural antihistamine. One or two daily cups of chamomile tea, sweetened with honey, can provide immunity toward many common allergens.

Practicing Hygee for Spring allergies is not a self-indulgence, it is self care that not only supports you, but can positively affect those in your life. Author Eleanor Brownn said it best: “Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”

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