3 Mindfulness Tips For Quality Sleep

Do you feel like the business of the day affects your sleep quality? Having an ongoing issue with restlessness or insomnia may be due to day’s activities taking the stage and running through your mind at the end of the day. You may find that when you lay down you are focused on all the things you did that day, or on your “to-do” list for the next day. Sometimes it can be challenging to lay down and fall asleep peacefully. If this sounds like an issue you are having, consider how mindfulness can help you sleep better.

Meditate At The End Of The Day


When most women meditate, as part of a mindfulness routine, they tend to do it in the morning. Though this works for some women, however others may have a lot going on first thing in the morning and finding a moment to have meditation seems overwhelming. For these gals, meditating at night is a much better time to find peace.

Many days can be full of activity that stays hovering around us into the night. By meditating before bed, you can focus on those issues, work through them, and let some of the anxiety go. This allows you to sort things out, come up with a plan, and then go to sleep without the worry and confusion running through your head keeping you awake.

Breathing Exercises

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Part of a mindfulness routine is controlled breathing or breathing exercises. These exercises will help you throughout your day when stress arises. The good news is they can also help you at night to relax and fall asleep easily. As you begin controlling your breathing, you will also be controlling your heart rate. Your breathing slows, and so does the heart rate, which in turn helps your body to relax and sleep. Trying simple breathing exercises as you lay down, begin with ten deep breaths with equal inhale and exhale length, connecting your thoughts to your breath. You will see a progressive move towards easier and better sleep.

Moment Of Mindfulness


One thing that may be hindering your sleep is that you are not alone with your mind at bedtime. What this means is that you may have too much going on, like reading on your phone, listening to a podcast, or having the television on. Instead, try to be alone with your mind. Turn off all the technology and just let your mind be the only stimulate. This works by allowing you to focus on meditation and breathing exercises.

Taking the time to be still and allow the mind and body to connect, will have benefits that will give you better rest as well as increased energy in the morning.

You may have to work on this for a few days to get it to start showing an effect in your life, but once mindfulness takes hold you will start to notice a distinct difference. You will also start to notice that you are sleeping better and having more restful and easy sleep as well.

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