3 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Get Some Quiet-Time Daily

Do you ever feel as though you need to just shut everything out for a few minutes? Life can become so full and busy, whether with the obligations at home, the noise and swirl of a workplace, or the multi-tasking pulls of motherhood, we all experience the “noise of life” in different ways. Many times it can be hard to get a moment’s peace due to the constant business and noise created by activity in our lives. Carving out a time daily to allow yourself to quiet your mind and body, can be a powerful action in your life to create balance. Here are three ways to find your quiet-time.

Take Time to Think Things Out


In daily life, there are a variety of choices that every single person must face. When faced with these choices, we even have choices about how quickly we should act and make decisions. When we have the time to think about things, we can come to much more clear and sure decisions that we are less likely to regret. Proper time to think things through can help us to problem solve, and having quiet time to do so allows the focus needed to accomplish that.

Find A Moment to Meditate

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Another really great use of quiet time can be for meditation. This old-world skill can be used to gain access to numerous personal and mental milestones, and it can help you to become more aware of your health with a mind-body connection as well. While you sit and focus on your breathing, you can become more in tune with your body, and alleviate stress that may have built up from the days and weeks leading up to that moment. Meditation can be practiced in short intervals as well, so you don’t have to sit for hours. Meditation can be done in as little as 3 – 6 minutes.

Quiet-Time With Others

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Quiet time doesn’t always have to mean alone time. One excellent bonding experience can be simply sitting quietly with someone. When you sit quietly with another person, it can mean that there is a lot of trust between you and the other person, especially if you are touching or engaging in any sort of physical contact. This also allows you to become more aware of their physical state, because you have less distractions from the minute responses that their body is producing. This can bring you closer together, and lessen stress.

Quiet time is different for everyone. It may be clearing the mind to allow thoughts to freely flow and sort or might be a time of prayer or spiritual connecting. It can also be a time of mindful breathing and oxygenating the body. Setting aside a few minutes per day to give yourself the gift of time to focus, find your center, and breathe can have an abundance of benefits beyond the amount of time that you spent having quiet-time.

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