4 Tips To Encourage Kids To Eat Fermented Foods

Kids are notorious for being picky eaters. In most cases, kids only eat a few foods and getting them to try anything new can lead to meltdowns and tantrums. If you are trying to get your kids to eat more fermented foods, especially for the benefits they offer to children with SPD or autism, then you may be wondering how you are going to pull this off. Here are some practical tips for encouraging kids to eat fermented foods.

Pickle Power


One of the easiest ways to add fermented foods to your kids diet, or encourage them to eat fermented foods, is with a pickle. Pickles are not often thought of as a fermented food by kids and many of them already see their friends eating them in sandwiches or may be familiar seeing them as a snack. Pickles are in many sandwich or burger recipes and kids tend to eat them without much question. You can move from having them added to just sandwiches by allowing your kids to eat them whenever they want. In fact, some parents have found that getting dill pickles and letting their kids eat them as a snack, works fairly well.

Give them Drinks

Kids love to try new drinks, especially if they see a parent drinking them or if they think the drink is a soda of some sort. So, reach for kombucha drinks and try them out first. Kombucha comes in so many different flavors with dazzling and fun bottle labels, that it should be a fairly easy offer to make to your kiddo. Try to find a flavor your kids already like so it is a smooth transition from other beverages. For example, if they love blueberries then reach for a blueberry flavored kombucha.

Have them Make It


One of the easiest fermented foods you can make is yogurt. There are machines for this, but you can also make yogurt in the crock-pot. You can have your children help as a project, learning experience, and to get them excited about the final product. They can add their own flavors and make the yogurt their own personal brand. This helps kids want to eat more fermented foods in the form of yogurt, and gets them excited about trying new flavors.

Add to Lunches or Snack-time


Try adding one or two fermented foods to lunches. You can start off with something small, like yogurt as a dessert or a whole dill pickle as a snack. This may seem fairly simple, and it is. It also allows you to see what your kids like and what they ask for. You can go with the flavors they are attracted to and then bring in more of those same flavors from different fermented foods.

Making frozen yogurt-pops can be an enticing treat for a snack or as a dessert. There are a variety of colorful fruits that can be added to a yogurt-pop to make it look exciting and very temping to a little one.

By using these tips, you can help your kids get the fermented foods they need in their diet. You can also introduce the tastes and flavors they may start requesting, which means you can get even more fermented foods into their diets.

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