Why BELIEF In Yourself Is Critical For Weight-loss Success

Are you currently striving for a goal to lose weight or get yourself healthier? It is important to have a goals, however in order to have real success, you need to belief in yourself that you can do it. It is also important to look at the micro-goals surrounding your macro health goals, to make sure you’ve lined up your daily priorities to be able to fulfill your goals. It might seem simple, but when you don’t have much belief in yourself because of past “failures” and your micro goals don’t build a strong success foundation, it can be really hard to stick to the changes you want to make in your life.

Here are some things to consider when it comes to increasing belief in yourself during this journey, and why it is so important.

If You Don’t Have Faith in Yourself, Who Will?

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Remember that weight loss and getting healthy in general is a very personal thing. Ultimately it is about your micro and macro choices and priorities. That means your motivation, inspiration, and the belief you have that you can do it, needs to be running through your head all day long.

It is important to monitor your internal “self-talk” to make sure the voice in your head is making positive statements, rather than negative ones. Depending on your past successes, this may be a natural thing that you do. However, many of us can have a nagging, negative voice that can pop up throughout the day. Being aware of your self talk can help you start to make small changes and allow the positive voice to take the forefront.

Tell Yourself – “You CAN Do This!”

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By having more belief in yourself with your healthy lifestyle and weight loss journey, you are telling yourself you can do it. You are your best support system. You know you can do it, you have done the research, you will do the work, and make the changes.

Think of it as a way to keep motivating and inspiring yourself – your ‘internal cheerleader’. Every time you reach a mini goal, whether it is changing your morning routine or eating a healthy breakfast every day for a week, you re-commit because you see that you are able to follow through on something you feel strongly about. Give yourself positive praise and allow yourself to feel good about small victories.

Belief = Change


In order to make true, lasting changes in your life if you need to have that unwavering belief in yourself that you can accomplish your goals. If you don’t think you can achieve your goal, then you won’t, because you need the positive belief and motivation to accomplish the micro-goals on route to your ultimate goal. People try their hardest and smartest at something they have belief in and feel passionate about. If you have belief throughout your day that you are taking small steps towards a goal, then you will find success.

What can you do to have more belief in your own abilities? How will you support yourself during this your weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey? One motivational action to take is to write your goal on a sticky note or paper and place it in a location that you will see it throughout your day. Be your own positive ‘cheerleader’ and have belief that you can accomplish your goals.

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