Be Your Best Self With Alternative Medicine

Have you ever left the doctor’s office and felt like you wanted more control over your health and wellness? A solution may be to consider Alternative medicine practices. Alternative medicine is not one type of medicine, but encompasses everything aside from regular medical intervention. This might include using herbs and essential oils, getting acupuncture, meditation and mindfulness, yoga, reflexology, and so much more. Here are some of the different components of alternative medicine.

Alternative Medicine as Preventative Measures

Alternative medicine can be used as preventative medicine. It does not replace conventional western medicine, but instead helps you to reduce how often you need to see a doctor. It is a great way to take care of mild health issues and increase general health and wellness, to hopefully avoid how much you need medical treatment.

This type of alternative medicine might include eating a healthy diet, taking the right vitamins and supplements, using herbs or essential oils for things like chronic pain or inflammation in the body, exercising, and using herbal remedies.

Alternative Medicine for the Body

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Approaching life with a holistic viewpoint, encourages seeking out ways to build up the overall health of the body, which also benefits the mind. Alternative medicine that is good for the body includes exercise, massage, and movement. For example, if you have chronic pain, maybe you may see a chiropractor to get an adjustment allowing the body to help heal itself. Someone who has pain or stress-related physical issues might get a massage or seek help from an osteopathic physician.

This also includes proactive daily mindful exercise such as yoga, Pilates, tai chi, and stretching exercises.

Alternative Medicine for the Mind

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There is also alternative medicine meant more for your mind, including behavioral and mental health. This might include meditation, visualization, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and journaling. Think of this as alternative medicine for your mental health and emotional health. What do you struggle with? It might be stress, anxiety, depression, lack of energy or brain fog, and many other issues.

While it is not meant to replace mental illness care from a licensed therapist or counselor, it can help to ease some of your symptoms in between therapy sessions or when you have high amounts of stress, unhealthy coping mechanisms, or just for general mental health improvements.

The important thing to remember is that alternative medicine is not meant to replace physicians, specialists, surgeons, or therapists. It is used in conjunction with other methods of treating your mental and physical ailments. It can work together with conventional treatments to get you the best care possible, especially when you want to live a more holistic lifestyle.

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