4 Smoothie Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Smoothies provide a lot of benefits for your wellness journey, from letting you get in more nutrients, to allowing you to have a meal on the go. But it’s important to understand the proper way to put a smoothie together for optimal nutrition.

Making it Too Complicated


There is no reason your smoothies need to be overly complicated and have 10 or more ingredients! If you keep it simple, you will be much more inclined to make them on a regular basis, plus they will save you quite a bit of money.

Keep it simple by developing a formula you can use for each smoothie. This might mean including a fruit, veggie or green, some healthy fats, protein source, and liquid. That covers all the bases, but doesn’t over complicate things for you. It also makes it easier when you don’t have your normal ingredients and want to mix it up a little.

Adding Too Much Sugar


Adding sweetener is a very common mistake many people make when it comes to making smoothies. It comes from this idea that smoothies won’t taste good unless they are filled with fruits and fruit juices. While the sugar from fruit is not nearly as bad for you as table sugar or artificial sugar, it can still spike your blood sugar, causing a sugar crash after you consume it.

You definitely want the fruit as a natural sweetener for your smoothies, but add some greens as well. You can throw spinach in just about anything, and as long as you have enough other ingredients in there, you won’t even taste it.

Try to stick to just one or two fruits per smoothie, and make one of them a lower sugar option, like berries.

Forgetting To Add The Greens

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Remember, smoothies can contain both fruits and vegetables! Adding some greens to your smoothie will increase the nutrients, and won’t drastically change the flavor.

Greens boost the nutrients in your smoothie, keep the sugar low, and can help you stay fuller for longer. Greens are loaded with water content, and this is a really easy way to have more greens in your diet if you aren’t a big fan of salads.

Try adding a handful of spinach to your next smoothie. It breaks down easily in the blender is loaded with immune boosting nutrients.

Choosing Liquids With Added Ingredients

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There are many options when it comes to adding liquid to your smoothies, but you want to be careful about which ones you go with.

Be mindful of fruit juice labels and try to avoid the ones that have added sweetener. Juice ingredients should only have the fruit listed and sometimes water (if it is a 50/50 light juice). If there are other ingredients, such as artificial sweeteners, grab a different juice. “Diet” juice usually has some sort of chemical sweetener that can do more harm to your body than a few extra calories. Fruit juice is naturally sweet and doesn’t need extra sugar added.

Another option instead of juice is nut milks or dairy milk if you prefer, though unsweetened is usually a great alternative to juice. Since your smoothie will be sweetened with natural ingredients like fruit or honey, try picking unsweetened nut milk for the best health benefits.

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