3 Reasons Why Basking In The Sun IS Good For You

Do you love the sun, but have heard (since you were a kid) that it’s bad for you?

Ok…if you’re sunbathing for hours and getting burned, then that’s true and bad for you.

However…basking in the sun daily can actually increase your health significantly.

When I was a child I was told by my mother, “go out into the sun more because its good for you”. Of course, she was saying that just to get me out of the house…

…but there is actually a lot of health wisdom in that statement!

Being in sunlight on a daily basis offers you a wide range of physical and mental health benefits.

Studies show that people who are often in the sunlight tend to be happier and healthier.

Sunlight Boosts The Immune System With Vit-D

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There are Vitamin D receptors on every single cell in your body and you can get vitamin D easily from the sun!

There is a big connection between vitamin D and immune strength. According to Harvard Health, Vitamin D may protect against illness in two ways.

First, it has been shown to help boost the bodies’ natural defense against viruses and bacteria.

Second, it may help prevent an exaggerated inflammatory response.

Being exposed to sunlight will encourage your body to produce more vitamin D which is also vital for healthy bones. When your bones are healthier they produce higher quality bone marrow which is a critical component of your immune system.

Mental Health and Sunlight

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Did you know that basking in the sun for 10 minutes a day can actually help you do just that by increasing serotonin levels?

According to healthline.com, decreased sun exposure has been associated with a drop in your serotonin levels, which can lead to major depression with seasonal pattern.

The light-induced effects of serotonin are triggered by sunlight that goes in through the eye.

Increased serotonin levels can generate an increased positive mental state. It has been proven that there is a strong link between your physical health and your mental health and that this has a direct impact on your immune system.

If you are depressed or stressed, you may be more susceptible to getting sick quicker than if you are content and happy.

A good dose of sunlight will also help to give your mood a boost and relieve some stress that you have.

In addition, reduced stress on your immune system allows it to use its resources to fend off any disease-causing element that you may be exposed to.

Sunlight’s Natural Rays Matter

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No matter what you may have heard it is not possible to totally replicate direct sunlight.

Sitting in front of a window with the sunlight coming in is not quite the same as being out in the direct sun. The natural UV rays associated with real sunlight trigger the production of vitamin D in your body and some of these rays get filtered out if you are sitting inside by a window.

However, if this is the only way that you can get sunlight, then do it! It is better to get filtered sun rays than none at all.

There are also interior lights available that claim “full spectrum” and state that they use the identical wavelength as sunlight does.

Although these offer much better quality of light than a non-full spectrum bulb, these cannot completely match the sun’s full spectrum.

However, it is better to have some full spectrum light, than not. If you are not able to go outside to get access to the sun, then these options are worthwhile and still offer valuable light effects.

So, go ahead and get on out there to soak up some sun!

Even in cold environments, the sun’s rays still give you the benefits without the heat. In order to help your immune system harness the power of sunlight you have to go outside and expose yourself directly to it.

Try taking 10-15 minutes to bask in the sun on a regular basis and absorb some free vitamin D.

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