Insiders Guide to Overcome Obstacles and Get Unstuck

Obstacles in Life can come in many forms and types. They can range from small inconveniences to ones that shake your world and change your life’s path. Every person deals with obstacles everyday. How we view our obstacles and determine how to use them, will depend on whether it gets us stuck, or actually helps moves us forward.

Define The Obstacle

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The overwhelmed feeling that can sometimes come with an obstacle can magnify it. When faced with an obstacle, whether large or small, it is important to define it. Actually take a moment, quiet the noise in your head and name it or define what it is. Once it has a name or definition, it becomes something to work on and solve.

Look At The Obstacle Objectively

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Many times, emotions can be heavily attached to an obstacle. Usually obstacles are not expected and can take you by surprise. With this can come an surge of emotions, which may include frustration, helplessness, out-of-control feelings, anger, sadness, or disparity. When emotions take over, it can be difficult to see a problem or obstacle with clarity.

One way to help activate logical thinking, is try to picture the obstacle as part of someones story, other than yours. What type of advice would you give someone in that situation? If you can mentally take yourself out of the situation for a moment, you may be able to see the obstacle in a different light.

Another way to help with clear thinking is to go do something physical. The mind is able to open up when you get outside of your immediate space or circumstance. Going for a walk to give your brain some freedom of thought, which can be more beneficial than most people realize.

Figure Out One Solution To Start Moving Forward

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When hit with an obstacle, sometimes the initial overwhelming feelings caused by the obstacle can be debilitating. Often times, the primal brain can take over and a “fight, flight, or fear” response can paralyze rational thinking. In order to start finding solutions to the problem of the obstacle, the brain needs to get into a logical state to allow forward movement.

One way to prevent getting stuck is finding just one tiny solution to the immediate problem caused by the obstacle. This might be a small action that you need to take, a conversation that you need to have, or a shift in your mind-set and approach. One small movement toward a solution can be liberating and can kick-start you into a problem solving mind-set.

Obstacles can be life changing or just an inconvenience in your day. No matter what the dimensions of your obstacle, approaching it as logical as possible, without strong emotions, can help you figure out the solutions that you need in order to overcome the obstacle and make steps in your journey forward.

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