The TRUTH About Cast Iron Pans

Have you ever wondered how steakhouses cook a perfect top sirloin? If you are looking to upgrade your cooking skills by getting some new equipment, the type of metal the pan is made of is important. There are so many types of pans to chose from, many of which have coatings which can flake or scrape off and cause health issues. Cast Iron pans are made of solid iron and have many benefits besides cooking delicious food. Here are some things to know about cast iron skillets and why once you start using them, you won’t go back.

Made To Last

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Cast iron skillets are unique in that they can last a lifetime or longer. They might cost a little more then some of those non-stick pans, but you are getting a pan that you should never have to replace. If you find one at a garage sale or antique sale, buy it! If your grandmother passed a set down to you, definitely accept them. These will work just as well as when the cast iron skillet was new. If you are looking at an older pre-owned cast iron pan, it may look rusty or dirty. Have no fear of the appearance, cast iron cleans up well and can last for decades.

Scrumptious Tasting Food

There is no doubt about it; food cooked in a cast iron skillet just tastes better. Cast Iron is a very high quality type of pan where the more you cook on it, the more it gets seasoned. According to Lodge Cast Iron, seasoning is just oil baked onto cast iron through a process called polymerization. It gives your cookware that classic black patina. When a pan is seasoned, everything else that gets cooked in it gets those unique flavors, and it brings out the natural flavor of foods so much better. Try cooking fish or meat in your cast iron next time and see if you notice a difference in how it tastes.

Naturally Non-Stick

When you “season” a cast iron skillet properly, it becomes non-stick naturally, and therefore you don’t need to grease it or use oil spray before cooking something in it. Seasoning forms a natural, easy-release cooking surface and helps prevent your pan from rusting. This allows you to use less oil. When you are using less oil, not only do you keep the flavor of your meal, but you also keep it a little lighter. It is important not to use harsh detergents when cleaning cast iron, as it will cause the seasoned oil coat to wash away.

Cast iron is not only for use for lunch or dinner, but also for breakfast! A cast iron griddle can make the best, fluffiest pancakes around! It is also great for bacon, eggs, and hash-browns.

Stove? Oven? BBQ? Campfire?…YES!

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There is a lot you can do with a cast iron cookware, not just in what food you can cook in it, but where it can be used. They actually work great with any type of heat, even bringing it camping with you and cooking food right over a fire. You can start cooking your meal on the stove, then transfer the cast-iron to the oven. It works great for desserts in addition to main dishes, veggies, and so much more.

Increase Your Iron Intake

If you have been told that your your blood is low in iron, cooking in a cast iron pan can help get some needed iron into your system naturally. As you cook, trace elements of the cast iron will connect with your food. According to Columbia University, a cast iron skillet can add significant amounts of iron to your food and into your body. In addition to eating more iron-rich foods like meats, beans, and spinach, cooking in a cast iron pot is an easy way to boost your iron intake. Iron is an essential nutrient for all the cells in our body.

No matter what type of cast iron pan you decide to use, whether a skillet, multi-size pans, griddle, grilling pan, or dutch oven, your will be delighted with the numerous benefits that you get from your cast iron cook ware.

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