De-clutter And Unlock Your Creativity!

Have you ever felt like you were in a creative mind block? Sometimes the things around us can influence productivity more than is realized. Many people underestimate how liberating it is to live and work in a clutter-free environment. This is not just about being clean and neat, but what it does to your motivation, productivity, and focus. When you are constantly living in chaos and trying to work on a desk filled with mail, papers, file folders, and random materials, your mind can become cluttered as well. De-cluttering your home or office space is key to de-cluttering your mind and getting unstuck.

Clutter-Free Space = Clutter-Free Thinking

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Remember that when you have clutter in your area, living environment or workspace, it creates more clutter in your mind. Have you ever tried to sit at a desk or table to work, and are constantly looking around at everything stacked on the desk? Seeing a bill reminds you it might be due soon, seeing piles of clothes make you think of doing laundry. Every little thing you see that doesn’t belong there is another distraction and something to cause stress.

If you are having trouble focusing, feel really stuck, or have lost creative spark, you should try to start by de-cluttering your space.

Improve Your Decision Making Skills

Another great benefit of de-cluttering your life is to help with making decisions. Maybe you feel a little stuck in your life because you have been going back and forth about various decisions that need to be made. This can cause a lot of stress and frustration, especially when your your under a deadline. Clearing up your space can give your mind some peace, allowing it to have clarity.

If you want to take it a few steps further, to get a little boost and improve your decision-making and problem solving skills, try decluttering all of your living spaces. This includes in your home, car, and your office.

Clutter-Free Work-spaces Promote Creativity

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Are you struggling the most with being in a creative rut? If so, decluttering can help you tremendously! You are able to free the stress and worry of things being piled in chaos around you, and with a clear head can find your hidden creative spark. Any time you have a creative block, try cleaning the room or area you are in, do a little meditating, then start again. You will be amazed by how much clarity you gain from this small task.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety With Visual Peace

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Did you know messes and clutter in your space can lead to anxiety and higher levels of stress? If you have been suffering with these lately, and aren’t sure why it has gotten worse, try looking around your space. When a space is de-cluttered and organized it creates visual peace, which can calm and free the mind. Sometimes the thought of de-cluttering may seem overwhelming. Try to start with just 5 things. Give yourself 5 minutes to re-purpose, give away, or throw away 5 things. This action can jump-start a de-clutter domino effect and in just a few days a space that was once cluttered can begin to look at peace.

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