4 Secrets To Get Unstuck And Accomplish Your Goals

How often have you set a goal for yourself, something you wanted to follow through on or accomplish, but then stop short of completion? Maybe it was in the form of a New Year’s resolution, or a weight loss goal, or maybe it was just a weekend to do list. No matter how big or small a goal, as long as it is realistic, healthy, and achievable, there are a few things that you can do to help motivate yourself to complete it.

Clearly Define Your Goal

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When you set a goal, it is important to understand exactly what you intend to accomplish by fulfilling your goal. If the goal is unclear or murky, you may not be able to see how or why it should be accomplished. Try writing down your goal and clearly state it to yourself. Work on the wording and make clear parameters. If the goal is too vague, you will not feel a sense of accomplishment, because you may not be able to track when it is done.

For example, stating a goal that says, “I want to lose weight”, but not having any other defining structure to it, makes that goal tough to follow through on. However, a goal stated, “I want to lose 1 pound a week for 8 weeks”, is a goal that causes you to set up action steps to move forward with that goal. This type of goal is very defined and you would be able to track the progress and completion of the goal.

Determine Your Micro-goals

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So, how do you get from point A to point Z. Once you have defined and determined the goal’s priority in your life, then you can decide the micro-goals, or steps, you need to take to accomplish you goal. A micro-goal is one tiny goal that moves you forward towards the goal completion. Everyone has different ways of viewing goals, so you will need to decide how many micro-goals you want or need to keep your motivation elevated towards goal accomplishment. An example of a micro goal, might be taking the stairs instead of the elevator everyday for a week to help in your journey towards better health. Every time you take the stairs, you have accomplished a micro-goal. Each micro-goal that is achieved will give you a sense of accomplishment, no matter how small. This type of motivation is extremely important to keep you moving forward and on the right track.

Give It Priority


With each goal, whether a micro-goal, macro-goal, or dream goal, you need to determine its priority in you life. If it is very important for you to accomplish the goal, then it needs to jump to the top of the priority list. Be sure that your goal has realism built into it. If it is a goal that totally disrupts your life and those involved in your daily routine, then it may be difficult to accomplish. If your goal is a big one, such as a diet overhaul, make sure that those affected by your goal are aware and onboard too. Making plans for success of your goal, can keep you moving forward.

Keep A Positive Mind-Set

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As you are traveling on the journey towards your goal, it is important to keep a positive mind-set. Whether you achieve every micro-goal or not, during your day, celebrate the victories rather than focusing on the failures.

There is a term called “Stinkin’ Thinkin'”. It is when your self talk becomes negative and results in grumbling, which can tumble into a downward spiral of “failure” thinking. Monitor your self talk and make sure the inner voice is staying positive. There is always a positive thing that can be said about any situation. If you fail at a micro-goal, try to avoid the inner voice going into “stink in’ thinking’” and instead find the positive and encourage yourself. There is enough negative in the world, your inner voice doesn’t need to be negative too.

See How Much You Can Accomplish

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Lastly, you will notice that you can accomplish so many more goals than you ever thought possible. There is a wonderful domino effect that happens when you start crossing items off your list and celebrating your micro-goals during your journey. Each time you do this, you see what you are capable of. You will feel excited and inspired to get through the next stage.

Trust in yourself more by staying positive, having faith, and working really hard to hit each micro-goal. The more you do this, the more your mind-set will start to change and your goals will get accomplished.

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