4 Weight Loss Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

This is where the phrase “nothing changes if nothing changes” really comes in. In order to achieve different results in your wellness or weight loss journey, changes in routine and mind-set need to be made. How you view those changes and act on them, will determine your success. When you are on a weight loss journey, choices are everything. Here are a few mistakes that can be avoided with the right choices and mind-set.

#1 Mistake: Not Having A Morning Plan

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Let’s start with your morning plan. This is often the easiest for people to adjust, and it can make such a drastic different in your lifestyle.

Everyone has daily routines, some routines are well planned and others develop on their own. It is important to have a morning plan, in order for you not to slip into a weight-loss pitfall. Take a look at how your morning routine typically runs and see if there are any negative or unhealthy points within that routine. Once you identify these points, start with changing just one thing. It might be as simple as choosing a healthy option for breakfast like a smoothie or whole grain toast, rather than a donut or sweet roll. You know your routine better than anyone. Find where you want to start making the changes.

#2 Mistake: Consuming Low Nutrient Foods

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While you definitely don’t need to “diet” in order to lose weight, you do want to be sure your meals are balanced and nutrient-dense. Analyzing what you currently eat will help you determine what changes you might make to your meals.

Think about what you can add to them to be healthier, instead of take away. Perhaps you love pasta, and want to add a side salad, while reducing the amount of pasta you eat. You might add banana slices or berries to your cereal, or you switch from an iced mocha to a coffee you make at home in a protein shake.

#3 Mistake: Not Moving Enough

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Non-movement is the enemy of weight loss. Think of your lifestyle to consider whether or not you are moving your body any more than you were before you began your weight-loss journey. To be in a calorie deficit, it requires making small changes to your diet and your workout routine. Find new ways to add more movement and exercise more, like going for a walk in the evenings, sneaking in a mini workout in the morning, or finding new fitness classes in your area or online. Adding small actions throughout your day like taking the stairs, doing “kitchen counter push-ups” while waiting for your food to cook, or taking the dog for a quick additional 10 minute walk can make a difference.

#4 Mistake: Having Calorie-Dense Lifestyle Habits

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In addition to your diet and exercise, think about other healthy habits you can adapt into your life to help with your weight loss lifestyle. Try to identify if there are points within your week that can be adjusted into healthier actions. Maybe you replace your Friday night burger, pizza and beer night with a cycling class then sushi, or you host family dinner at home on Sunday nights instead of going to your usual restaurant meal. You might start taking a walk every evening after dinner, or journal what you eat each day to stay accountable.

Adding health-promoting actions and keeping a positive mind-set will be your keys to success. Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 100 pounds, small changes over time develop into routines that can change your life.

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