3 Tips For Clean Eating

Have you ever thought about trying to eat cleaner? As information becomes more readily available about health and nutrition, a growing movement has begun to overtake the general sphere of knowledge around the world. People everywhere are switching to more health conscious, natural ways of eating and even sharing ideas on how to better accomplish their health goals, and one of these is the trend of eating clean. If you’ve been wanting to change a few habits and eat clean, you’re probably wondering where to start. Check out these tips for eating clean.

Tip 1 – Avoid Chemical Preservatives and Pesticides


One of the most important things about eating clean is that you try your best to avoid processed foods. Processed foods are full of chemical preservatives that cause damage to your nervous system and can cause weight gain, because your body dose not recognize the artificial substances and may incorrectly process them. When ingested, some of these chemicals can build up in the body, and become stored in fats. This could put a strain on your organs as they break down and leave the body causing future complications.

Chose to eat fresher natural foods and buy organic when possible. Local farmers markets are a great way to source your produce and baked goods, while supporting the local economy.

Tip 2 – Cut Back on Low Quality Salt & Sugars


A lot of processed foods employ the use of extremely high amounts of low quality salt to preserve foods as well as artificial sugars or white sugar to hide the taste of chemical additives. These mega doses of low quality salt, artificial sugar, and white sugar can manipulate your blood sugar drastically, and cause high blood pressure, and put a very heavy strain on your body. Eating less processed foods, or buying organic and plain version of foods will help you to avoid the extra need for the food to contain flavors used to cover chemical additives. If you read the nutrition label and cannot identify some of the ingredients, the food is most likely highly processed.

Tip 3 – Make Food at Home


The absolute best way to eat clean is to simply make all of your food at home. When you use fresh produce, and limit your meat intake, you can avoid ingesting large percentages of preservatives, chemical additives of all types, and focus on absorbing untainted nutrition that you need for a healthy body. Even making a sugary dessert is healthier at home because when you make it yourself, you will not add preservatives that have been created for the sole purpose of keeping your food from perishing while it travels 1000 km to its next location.

To add flavor to your recipes, try using fresh herbs and organic spices. For those who like food salty, try moving to high quality salt with minerals, such as Redmond’s Real Salt. This type of salt provides micro-nutrients that the body needs for optimal health.

When you need something sweet, grab some raw unrefined cane sugar, raw honey, or natural stevia. Making these small changes will add up to better health over time.

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