3 Micro Daily Habits For Easy Weight Loss

As you continue on your journey to lose a little weight and improve your overall health, you will notice that your lifestyle is going to change. This doesn’t mean drastic lifestyle changes where you barely recognize your life, but little micro habits that gradually help you become a healthier person.

Start Your Day With a Healthy Mindset

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A simple daily habit you can use to create healthy routines in your day is by starting your day with a healthy mindset. Do this by finding things to add to your morning routine that will benefit you in the long run.

When you start your day by completing tasks for your physical and mental health, you can carry that with you throughout the day. Depending on your preferences, this might mean going for a walk or doing yoga in the morning, drinking lemon water before your coffee, or making a healthy breakfast. Writing in your journal about your gratitude and goals for the day can also put you in the right mindset.

Put on Your Workout Clothes ASAP

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You may not realize the impact something as small as this is, but trust me, when you start your day in your workout clothes, you are much more likely to get a workout in. Even if you don’t plan to do your workout for a few hours, you will already be ready, and more likely to follow through.

If you work outside the home and exercise in the evenings, you can still prepare by putting your workout clothes in your gym bag and keeping it in your car, or making a smoothie and keeping it in the fridge. These small tasks change your mindset about healthy habits, and make it a little easier to follow through.

Journal Your Goals Every Morning

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You may not be a big fan of journaling, but don’t worry. This doesn’t require writing pages a day. Just write down your goals for the day every morning, similar to making a to-do list. They can be very simple goals or habits, like walking on your lunch break, bringing salad to work, drinking at least 8 glasses of water, really anything that will get you closer to your goals.

You can also make a nighttime practice of crossing off everything you got done that day in your journal, then writing out your successes for the day.

Remember that everyone has their own rhythm. Stay true to yourself and your goals. You can achieve success in your weight lose plan!

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