What Everybody Ought to Know About Detox …

Are you considering trying detox, but are wondering what exactly the benefits are? When you correctly undertake a detox program, there is a wide range of benefits that come from removing the toxins from your body and making it cleaner and healthier. The following are some top benefits from detox.

Toxin Removal

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Toxins are everywhere, whether environmental in pollutants, pesticides, industrial waste, cosmetics and the like, or in the foods you consume like preservatives, chemical colors, artificial sugars and more. These affect your body’s immune system, metabolism, skin and even your mental state. If you have ever had “brain fog” it may have been caused by a toxin build up.

Some of these exterior and interior toxins stay in your cells and tissues for years. Imagine how much better you will potentially feel when flushing these toxins out of your body.

Prevent Chronic Disease

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Many environmental toxins are known to cause various diseases like cancer, heart disease and neurological problems. Your body has natural detox functions to continually flush out toxins both from the outside and inside, but there’s no doubt that they get overloaded on a daily basis, which means toxins eventually build up. Detoxing helps your body by getting rid of these built up toxins and giving your natural detox systems a reboot.

Improve Immune System Function

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When your immune system isn’t functioning like it should, it makes you more vulnerable to viruses like the flu and colds. It can also make you more susceptible to allergies. Toxin build up taxes the immune system so that it is not able to adequately do its job. Detoxing removes this inhibitor and strengthens the immune system to better protect your body.

Facilitate Weight Loss

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Toxin buildup will also affect your ability to burn fat, which may lead to weight gain. Since conditions like heart disease, diabetes and hypertension are all associated with too much weight, it’s important to give your body all the help it needs to fight weight gain. Detoxing gets rid of the toxins being stored in your fat cells and boosts your metabolism.

Reduce Premature Aging

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Free radicals and heavy metals are some toxins responsible for premature aging. When you detox, you help your body increase its absorption of nutrients such as antioxidants and important vitamins. Both fight the stress caused by cell oxidation from free radicals.

Boost Energy

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Flushing your body of toxin build up also improves your energy. Mental and physical energy is likely to improve after detoxing as your brain is better able to concentrate and your muscles are no longer weighed down by toxins. When your body’s systems are functioning at full capacity again, you’ll see an improvement in your emotional and physical energy.

Improve Skin Health

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The skin is the largest organ in the body and it takes a lot of abuse. It’s the first thing exposed to all the environmental toxins swirling around and then plus the toxins it’s exposed to in the name of hygiene. Shampoos, soaps and cosmetics all contain some amount of toxins. Not only that, but what you eat eventually affects your skin as well. When you detox, you’ll likely see improvements in skin problems like dry hair, brittle nails and acne among others. Look for beauty products that DO NOT contain:

Artificial Fragrance
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate
Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)
Oxybenzone (and other chemical sunscreens)

Restore Quality of Life

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When your body is weighed down by toxins, it can’t function at an optimum level. The result is many problems like digestive issues, sleep problems, joint pain, headaches and fatigue among others. If you have any of these problems, you will likely see them improve or go away entirely after detoxing.

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