Lose Weight Without Obsessing!

Most people have been on some type of diet in their life, whether it was to lose weight, gain muscle, for health reasons, or just out of curiosity. If this is you, you might also have experienced the obsession that often happens. Obsession with clean ingredients and foods you eat, obsession with weighing and measuring, obsession with numbers and burning the right amount of calories through workouts.

But is it possible to lose weight without all the obsession? Yes! But you need to have the right mindset going into it, and stop some of those obsessive habits that tend to occur when you want to lose weight.

Write Down What You Eat, Not How Much You Eat

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If you really want to write down what you eat, don’t write down amounts, calories, portions, or any type of numbers. Just record what you eat each day, and maybe why you chose to eat that food. This is going to help you with your intuitive eating and learning to listen to your body, but also let you see if your meals were properly balanced.

It is something great to look back on later, just in case you have food sensitivities you weren’t aware of. Plus, you still feel a little bit of that control you got when counting calories, but without numbers to trigger you.

Stop Weighing Yourself Every Day

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What is weighing yourself really offering you? Aside from curiosity, stepping on the scale is not going to help you, except possibly risk interrupting your positive mindset during this journey.

People often live or die by their scale when they are on a weight loss journey, but it can be so therapeutic to just ditch it entirely. You can still look in the mirror to see if you are losing weight. Your body will change and your clothes will get looser.

If you want to track your weight, try getting on the scale once per week at the same time of day. In the morning before you eat or drink is the best time to weight for the most accurate results.

Appreciate Your Body on Good and Bad Days

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Your body is an amazing vessel that has been there for you each and every day, on the good days and the bad days. Honor it and appreciate it now, during every step of this weight loss journey.

Look at yourself in the mirror every single day, finding things you can appreciate. If you are an able-bodied person, just being able to walk, run, jump, or cycle is an amazing gift your body is giving you. Every time you move a muscle, your body is working for you. Show it appreciation!

Find a Way to Enjoy Your Healthy Lifestyle

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Becoming healthier is not about being perfect, but making progress. Enjoy each step of the way, from finding fun workouts, to enjoying the process of cooking healthy meals. Be sure to set realistic and sustainable weight goals as you journey to a healthier you.

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