7 Tiny Life Improvements That Can Make A Big Difference

There are many of us who are continually trying to optimize our lives and be the best versions of ourselves. We want it all, but because we have many balls up in the air, it can be difficult to optimize every part of life within the time and energy in a typical day.

As you enter a new year, instead of thinking about huge changes that you hope to enact, why not start very small and then let those little changes add up to a better you? Here are seven tiny improvements you can make to yourself right now.

1. Make Your Bed in the Morning


This is a great way to “train” your willpower, not to mention improve the bed you come home to that evening. Making your bed gives you a feeling of a little accomplishment as you start your day. It can also give visual peace within your room. The book “Make Your Bed” by Admiral McRaven, is an inspirational book that discusses the attributes of an optimal life.

2. Wake Up Ten Minutes Earlier

What could you do with ten more minutes in your day? Just move your alarm ten minutes earlier, you’ll hardly notice the difference. Find what you can do with that 10 minutes that will give you a boost for your day. Starting your day with 10 minutes of breathing and meditation can get the oxygen flowing and activate your mind and body. Or Maybe just having 10 minutes of extra flex time can give you the calm you need to begin your day.

3. Brain Boost – Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Omega 3 fatty acid can boost brain function, energy, immunity, and more. It also helps to fight inflammation, and most of us don’t get enough of it. The best product that I’ve found is Brain Octane by Bullet Proof. Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil is made from Coconut Oil which provides mental and physical energy. It is Keto and Paleo Friendly too. Just add a serving to your morning coffee, tea, or smoothie, to get your dose of Omega 3.

4. Get Outside

Take some time to go outside for at least ten minutes a day. You’ll sleep better, boost vitamin D, get more fresh air, and even improve your temperature regulation and immune system. Try doing something you already do but move it outside. Taking a 10 minute walk at lunch is a great way to get your outside time.

5. Meditate For A Few Minutes

Meditation has HUGE and profound benefits. It’s also something that can often be hard to stick with. So start with just five minutes a day to feel the improvements in mood, focus, and more. Put on some calming music or find a quiet space and let your thoughts drift with the breath, without judgement or agenda. Allow your mind and body be still. If meditation adds positivity to your morning, then increase the time according to the amount you have available.

6. Drink More Water


I know you’ve heard it before… drink more water. Most of us live in a state of mild dehydration. We don’t even notice that we are missing water, because it just feels normal. As you enter a new year, try drinking an extra cup of water a small daily goal. You don’t need to add massive amounts of water to your routine, because huge changes can be disruptive and unsustainable. Just start with a glass of water before you drink your coffee or tea in the morning. It is a nice way to check something off the “to do” list at the start of your day.

7. Get Something New For You

Splurge a little on yourself. Buy a new pair of shoes or kitchen tool or a new outfit. Go get a mani/pedi or change your hair style or color. In short – make one small change to treat yourself. You’ll feel a little bit of happiness every time you put on that new item, or get a complement, and you’ll feel a little more optimized.

Little changes can add up to an over-all big difference in your daily life. Small changes can also inspire you to go down other paths that you may not have noticed before.

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