Figuring Out This Self-Care Concept…

Whether you are trying to reset your wellness or just trying to give it a little boost, self-care is a big part of it, and often fits within the mental and emotional health spectrum. Self-care allows you to spend time on yourself and your own needs. This might be taking a bath or reading a book in the evening before bed, or having one day a week where you focus on hobbies or your own interests.

Self-Care Has No Rules

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Self-care has no rules, time limits, or guidelines. It can be anything you want to do that is for you. Like going on a hike, or watching your favorite movie, or taking an online art class to expand your creative right brain. It also doesn’t have to be an activity you always do alone. If you feel like you need company, try connecting with a friend and go for a bike or walk or out for drinks. It is important to find out what works for you today. It doesn’t matter what you did a month or a week ago for self-care. What matters is the present. May you feel like you could use alone time in nature, or maybe you prefer to grab drinks with friends at an outdoor dining area. Whatever you feel in the moment, is the right approach for self-care.

Customize Your Self-Care Routine

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If you want a self-care routine, try to pick at least one day out of the week to dedicate to it. You may eventually want to try to add in a routine that you do daily, but this can be a lot of pressure when you are changing so many different things during a life reset. A self-care routine can be as simple as a scrumptious cup of coffee brewed to perfection that you are able to sip in peace and be with your own thoughts. It might be a trip to the local nature preserve to hike alone or with a friend on a weekly basis. Whatever makes you happy and can get you into a reset space, can work for a self-care routine.

Your Own Peace Of Mind

Remember, self-care is not selfish. It is something you are doing for yourself, your own peace of mind, and because everyone needs a little time for themselves. The more you care for yourself, the better you can care for others. This concept can be difficult for parents with young children to grasp hold of. Taking care of little ones permeates your life and sometimes you might not even recognize that you have not had a moment for yourself until you reach a breaking point. Try to get “date night” with your partner or a friend or just on your own. Hire a baby sitter or if all you can drum up is putting a video on for the kids, to give you an hour to sit in a different room to relax, then that’s what you do. Do it for yourself, and for the health and happiness of those you take care of.

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