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Not a single person out there goes from unhealthy to perfectly fit, with all positive habits, overnight. It’s not possible. What is possible is creating small changes that lead to small victories. Those small victories will eventually graduate into larger ones. The decision to commit to a healthy lifestyle is a huge undertaking.

First off, you should start your new journey off with a celebration. Get excited about taking the first big step toward a better and healthier you. Next, make sure you are realistic with yourself and know that there will be times that you will have to force yourself to get up, to eat healthy, and sometimes it can be a real struggle. It won’t last forever. With time and commitment, your goals will slowly come closer into focus.

The best way to keep yourself motivated is to celebrate every small victory along the way. No matter how small something is, you should always take time to congratulate yourself for working so hard!

Celebrating Milestones

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Here are a few of milestones that are worthy of recognition and celebration! Take the time to acknowledge what you have achieved and get excited for the journey up ahead.

Working Out Multiple Days in One Week: If you’re going from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one, then you’re in for a major change, possible shock. It’s not easy giving up those nights on the couch, scrolling through your phone while binge-watching your favorite shows. But when you make the sacrifice and give up some of that time to work out, and do it for a full five days, then you should celebrate your achievements!

Losing Just One Pound: If you have a significant amount of weight to lose, it can seem like an uphill battle that can’t be won. But guess what? It absolutely can be won! Remember that when you step on the scale and it only goes down by one number, because it’s bound to happen eventually. The truth is, even one pound is an accomplishment. To compare it to something you can visualize, one pound of fat is the same volume as a pound of butter. Not too shabby!

Better Quality of Life: It’s common for those of us who are overweight to easily become out of breath doing every day simple activities. Walking, climbing the stairs, even talking too quickly can turn into a case of heavy breathing. With daily exercise and more nutritional foods, your cardiovascular system will begin to heal, and if you’re paying attention, it doesn’t take forever. When you finally finish that 60-minute workout without stopping, and your heart-rate and breathing is at a normal high intensity level, it’s time to celebrate.

Whatever your optimal health goals are, see them clearly, strive daily, forgive yourself when you fall, and celebrate your victories! You are worth it!

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