Rough Day?…Here’s 5 Self-Care Actions That Can Bring You Relief

When you have a rough or draining day, you might find that you want to grab a drink or eat something unhealthy. Before you head there, try taking a few moments to de-stress naturally with some self-care to get a refreshed perspective.

#1 Laughing Is Healing

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Don’t underestimate the power of laughing! If you are having a terrible day, find a way laugh. Whether it watching a TV comedy or movie, or chatting with a funny friend, laughing can change your mood instantly. Laughing is extremely healing and can quickly turn things around even after the very worst of days.

#2 Change Up Your Scene

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If you spend your day working inside an office or your home, then getting outside for outdoor activity can breath new life into your day. However, if you are around people all day, you may prefer to stay inside and watch a few episodes of your favorite series for self care. Whatever your situation is during the day, try getting into a different space for a bit of time to re-charge in the evening. When you find yourself doing nothing but working and going home, you may simply need another outlet. Try something different, like relaxing with a good book, meeting co-workers for drinks after work, or calling up a friend to have a girl’s night out. Changing up a routine can be invigorating! Try to go a little bit out of your comfort zone.

#3 Spend Some Time Reconnecting

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As mentioned briefly in the previous section, spending time with your friends or family can be great for self care, whether in a group or one-on-one. Alone-time can be important to take care of yourself and relieve stress, but sometimes being around others can bring some new energy into your life. Even if you cannot get out, due to the current environment, try to reconnect in a group Zoom, virtual happy hour with friends, or one-on-one Facetime with your BFF or family member to get a social interaction other than work.

#4 A Moment Of Meditation

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After (or even during) a really challenging day, try to find 10 minutes for “you” and have a 10 minute meditation session. You might be able to use natural alone moments that you have during your day to focus on releasing some tension through deep breathing and relaxing the facial muscles (which can hold a lot of tension). Capture those 10 minutes moments in your day to meditate and/or breathe, like when you are waiting for food to cook, walking the dog, taking a shower, or even during a long drive home from work.

#5 Give Your Pet Some Love

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Pets love unconditionally! If you have a pet at home, spend a little time with it being present and enjoy the moment. Absorb the energy that pets bring to your world. Giving your pet some love can actually improve your health. Studies have shown that positive pet interaction may lower your total cholesterol and triglycerides.

Making time for 10 minutes of self-care within your busy day can have exponential results in reclaiming balance and equilibrium within your life at work and at home.

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