3 Immune Boosting Essential Oils

You may have made changes in your life in the past months in the pursuit of improving the strength of your immune system. Increasing super-nutrient foods, getting regular exercise, and getting some time to de-stress are all very important actions for improving the immune system. One way you can boost it even more is to use essential oils. Here are a few of those oils and how you can use them to help your immune system function.

Lemon Oil


Lemon essential oil is one of the go to essential oil options that many people use to boost immunity. It is used in detox recipes and can easily be added to foods, juices, and smoothies. With lemon oil, you need to make sure that it is food grade to use it properly and safely. The lemon oil is highly concentrated so it should be used sparingly and not as you would a commercial lemon juice. It helps the body remove toxins from the system and kills bacteria that could cause issues with your immune system.

Peppermint Oil


Peppermint oil is an essential oil that many people keep on hand over many other oils. This is due to the multiple ways that peppermint can assist your immune system in combating issues in the body. It helps with sinus pressure and pain relief, opening up nasal passages, congestion, cold and flu symptoms, and with easing an upset stomach. Keep in mind that this is also a concentrated oil and should be used a drop at a time to receive the desired amount.

Thieves Oil Blend

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You may have heard of thieves’ oil if you have been dabbling in essential oils for any amount of time. This oil is a blended oil that contains cinnamon, cloves, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. Legend has it that during the 15th century Bubonic Plague, four thieves used this blend of spices to protect themselves against contagions when going into condemned houses during robbing sprees. Miraculously they never caught the disease. Whether its a true story or urban legend, this blend of spices is known for immune supporting properties.

This is the go to oil if you are looking for a superfood style blend that does it all. You can use it in diffusers and you can use it directly to the body as well. One of the leading ways to use it, however, is for house cleaning. It helps to kill germs and bacteria and keep them at bay to help reduce illness and your immune system to work properly.

Look For Quality Oils

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When you do buy essential oils, make sure you are getting uncut true oils. The best way to find quality oils is to look for a few signs. Make sure the bottles are smaller and dark colored glass, such as brown or blue. Also, avoid words like perfume as part of the label. You can also look for the Latin name of the oil on the bottle. The Latin name will clue you in that the oil is likely a pure oil and good for use as something other than scent.

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