Self Care Activities That Cost You Nothing

Self care activities don’t have to include getting an expensive facial or massage, or joining a high-end gym. You can practice self care every single day and not spend a dime. Here are some great free or low cost ways to have more self care in your life. Because you are worth it!

Take a Relaxing Bubble Bath

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As long as you have the bath supplies, this isn’t going to cost you a dime. Draw yourself a hot bath and pour in some bubbles, essential oils, or baths alts. Soak in the tub with some music playing or just sit in silence. Music is a good distraction if you have kids in the house that you want to tune out for the time being. Lock the door so you have no distractions and let the dogs out so they don’t bother you either. Remember not to bring your cell phone in the bathroom with you! Sooth your face, take a deepbreath, and enjoy your moment of peace.

Try Mindful Meditation

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Many people also like to give meditation a try when they want to practice self care without spending a lot of money. This is something else that can be free or possibly cost a small amount of money, depending on your method. For example, if you want to purchase a meditation app or CD to follow along to, naturally you will be spending a small amount of money. However, for the most part, this is minimal and a one-time cost. There are even quality meditation practices on YouTube that are worth checking out.

Meditation involves breathing exercises and sitting in a quiet space alone while you relax your mind. Allowing your mind to rest, you want to try to think about as little as possible, using imagery to fill your head-space with something that brings you peace and happiness. If your mind goes instead towards thinking about what was causing you stress in the first place, acknowledge it and let it pass. It does take a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, you will realize just how beneficial it can be.

Go For a Short Walk or Run

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Exercise, such as a brisk walk, can be at the top of your list when you are trying to find activities for yourself that don’t cost anything. Some workouts cost money when you need to get a gym membership or buy fancy equipment, but both walking and running require nothing. Just wear comfortable clothes and a good pair of shoes, and you’re good to go! You can walk around your neighborhood, head to somewhere more scenic, take a walk during your lunch break, or even walk in place or up and down the stairs in your home if the weather is bad outside. Walking or running will get you into a new space, allowing your mind to reset and think more clearly. It will also generate better breathing, allowing oxygen to flow through your body and optimize your brain function.

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