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3 Easy Ways To Add Meditation To Your Busy Day

Do you feel too stressed and busy to find a pocket of time to stop and meditate?…

Let’s face it…due to our fast paced lives, it can be challenging to make time to meditate, breathe, relax and refresh. Meditation is a practical way to de-stress, get grounded, find your focus, and get control over your mind and body. Here are a few tips to help you fit meditation practice into your life.

Short Periods of Meditation


One thing that gals don’t realize, is that meditating doesn’t need to be sitting for a long period of time in solitude. Meditation can be done in almost any place where you feel comfortable, and you can spend time meditating for as little as few minutes. This can train your mind to get used to entering into a period of meditation with a lot less production and waiting. Regular meditation practice, no matter the length, is what is important.

Work Your Way Up to Longer Periods

Photo by Oluremi Adebayo on Pexels.com

Once you have gotten used to meditating, you’ll find that you have a much easier time sitting down and getting into a focused state of mind. Try finding a place that is away from your normal living or working environment. When you have the time, begin increasing your meditation periods by increments of 2 – 4 minutes. This will extend your stamina for meditation and take you into deeper levels of concentration. There you can find a sort of clarity that is less commonly available during normal conscious hours. As the breath clears your mind and body of stress energy, you can either focus on specific ideas, simply repeat a mantra, or follow a guided meditation practice.

Brain Clarity in a Few Breaths


It’s clear that meditation can help you to reach levels of relaxation, help you to mull over ideas, and concentrate on specific things, but what else can it do? One of the major changes that you go through after meditation has become a regular practice for you, is that the relaxation that you experience will help to improve your neurological functionality. When you spend a substantial portion of time focusing on breathing and muscle movement, you will note a deterioration of a large portion of your stress. Poor breathing habits can cause and magnify stress on their own, so you can see how important it can be for the body in general. 

If you work in an office or from home, try taking a 10-breath meditation. Find a space where you can have a couple minutes of uninterrupted time. Take 10 deep breaths with equal inhale and exhale. Close your eyes and try to relax your facial muscles (especially the forehead and jaw muscles). Let the breath bring you energy and exhale away stress and tension. This practice can be your secret super-power to increased productivity and brain function!

4 Proven Ways To Improve Your Productivity and Focus

Do you feel distracted when you are trying to be in a “productive mode”? There are numerous things that can draw attention away from the task at hand, such as kids, pets, phone, texts, social media, and more…

But have you ever considered that clutter could be part playing a part in distraction? When you’re surrounded by clutter or disorganized items, knick-knacks, and things you simply don’t use anymore, it can be difficult to feel serene in your own space. That, in turn, can make it difficult to get into a flow state and do effective work.

Here are four benefits how clearing out your clutter will bring about an improvement in your mental clarity, focus, and ability to get things done. 

Creating Visual Peace

Busy women, like us, tend to thrive in clean, spacious, organized environments. It can be difficult to relax and feel good in a room that’s cramped and jumbled with odds and ends. Clutter isn’t just unsightly — it’s stressful, and it takes up your mental bandwidth, whether you realize it or not. Cleaning up allows you to get into a truly relaxed and focused state of mind. 

TIP: If you don’t have the time to deep clean, then just take 5 minutes to tidy and create a visual peace. Sometimes just repositioning items into a more organized place, can help create visual peace, which can help you focus.

Say Goodbye to Small Disorganization Stress


When your space is cluttered, life can feel a little out of control. It’s easy to lose important things, like that bill you need to pay this week, in piles of other stuff if you aren’t organized.

Paring back your belongings and keeping them sorted will help you find everything you need, right when you need it. If you have places for things to land when they come into your home, such as mail, then it can easily go to that place and not get set on the counter, table, or chair. This small habit can help easily reduce the clutter and reduce your stress a few levels.

Take Back Control

Being a control freak gets a bad rap, but the truth is that humans need a sense of control over their life and space to be happy. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should try to control everything around you, but you can definitely control the clutter levels in your house, car, and office. You’ll likely find that keeping your personal space clear and clutter-free gives you a sense of happiness, peace, and confidence. 

Declutter For A Positive Mindset


Your surroundings influence your mind, so why not declutter to set yourself up for success? Decluttering puts you in a positive, can-do mindset that carries over into other areas of your life. We tend to feel more positive and have more energy when we spend time in clean, non-cluttered environments. When a surrounding makes you feel better on a day-to-day basis, it can affect your mental outlook and productivity.

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Health Benefits Of “Keeping It Simple”

Does your life often feel too complex? As busy women, we often have numerous things going one at the same time, which can be a bit stressful and take a toll on our health. If you’re curious to find out easy ways to simplify your life, check out these tips for “keeping it simple”.

Simple Meals

Photo by Hana Brannigan on Pexels.com

When viewing your eating habits through the lens of a “simplifying life”, take a close look at your eating and meal plans. If there is a meal in your day that tend to be complex and cause stress, see if there is a way to reduce the steps of that meal situation, even if it is starting with one simple meal during the week that replaces a complex one.

For example, if you have a meal where you are feeding a family, that eats at different times and has food restrictions or preferences, try a taco bar. With taco bars, most ingredients can be prepped in advance. When dealing with various schedules, meat can be put on a crock pot to keep it ready for eating throughout the dinner-time window. If you chose a day in the week, to serve tacos, then that is your “easy” day. Start one day at a time to begin to keep it simple.

Capture Your Time


Streamlining your lifestyle allows you to give yourself more time to do the things that hold your interest. If you’re a busy mom, this can be trickier, but it is still possible to carve out some time for YOU (even if it is just a small pocket of time daily).

Living a simpler life can mean letting go of some of those “time-eaters” and also capturing other small windows of time that are just “no-mans-land” and not being used productively.

Look at you daily life and see if there are ways to capture some of your time back. For example, many grocery stores offer grocery pick up or delivery. Using this service, often available for free or small fee, can save your a few hours in your week, which can reduce some of the running around that you do, and give you time to catch your breath.

Have a Plan

Photo by Cristian Rojas on Pexels.com

A plan puts you in control of what you want to be doing, and when you want to be doing it. This can be as simple as a “to-do” list or as detailed as a large step-by-step hourly planner for the day. We are all wired differently, so go with what works best for you.

Being able to prioritize your time allows you to assign appropriate time limits on your activities makes it easier to move seamlessly through your day without feeling as though the day has gotten away from you. You are going to know exactly when it is time to move on to the next task for the day. Following your plan can give you a sense of security.

More Freedom

Photo by ELEVATE on Pexels.com

Having your time more well laid out also gives you the freedom to know when you can take some personal time for yourself. If you get a task done efficiently, then you can add that time to your free time slot of the day. This kind freedom will give you more time to allocate to whatever activities you choose.

Generate Confidence

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Knowing that each day now holds a set of accomplishments rather than a pile of unfinished projects will bring you a confidence to move forward in all that you do. As you grow and adjust in your routine, so will your confidence. Just remember to always be patient with yourself, and be sure to think deeply about the task that is right in front of you.

Easy Ways You, As A Busy Gal, Can Practice Self-Care


Do you find it challenging to get even a moment to take a few deep breaths let alone try to find time for self-care?

Self-care does not need to to take a lot of time within your day and is not just for stress relief but also for overall mental health. It can do everything from help after a bad day to improve your self confidence. If you can find a few minutes at some point in your day, you can have a little “you” time. Here are some different ways to practice self care every day.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Photo by Alina Vilchenko on Pexels.com

A really excellent way to start practicing self care every day is to keep a gratitude journal. This is something you can easily keep with you no matter where you are, whether you put it in your purse or briefcase, have it by your bedside, or have a digital journal on your computer.

With Gratitude journaling, you are able to write down thankfulness thoughts whenever you have a spare few minutes. Writing things down that you are grateful for can lead into additional journaling that can be very cathartic for you.

Have Alone Time Every Day…Even Just 2 Minutes


Many women might laugh at the thought of having “alone time” and wonder how that could possibly happen. Alone time might be going into your room before you get dressed and taking 2 minutes to breathe and reset your energy. For other gals, it might be a 30-minute walk that you go on after dinner, or just 5 minutes in the morning before everyone else gets up while you enjoy your cup of coffee.

It can seem so simple and minimal, but these little stretches of time where you are alone and just doing something for yourself can make all the difference.

Get Some Exercise That You Actually Like

Photo by Josh Willink on Pexels.com

When the advice is given to “get more exercise”, many gals might think…”Yep, I’ve heard this before”. However, exercise doesn’t have to be an hour long group fitness class or a long trip to the gym. For busy women, exercise needs to be practical and do-able for your schedule, or else it won’t happen.

Try to find a way to get some exercise, even a walk or short stretching session can make a difference in your physical and mental health. Exercise can make you feel better about yourself and raise your self confidence. Plus, exercise is really good for helping to relieve your stress and the endorphins you get from it can be tremendous for improving your mood.

Enjoy your version of self-care. Breathe in your calm and confidence. Find a schedule that works for you and your busy life and feel good about what you can do.

3 Sure-Fire Ways To Keep Your Essential Oils At Their Peak

Do you enjoy your essential oils on a regular basis? If so, you will want to make sure that they stay at their highest level of quality. When you start collecting essential oils for wellness, skin care, or natural health, it is important how they are stored in order to keep them fresh and potent.

Essential oils, also have a life span, so it is important to store them in a manner to be able to track their expiration date or potency. Most essential oils will last at least two years before starting to degrade. However, if they are mixed with a carrier oil it will affect their life span according to the carrier oil’s properties.

Some essential oils can last for as long as 15 years without losing their effectiveness. Many experts advise replacing your essential oils every three years to be sure the benefits of the oil is maintained.

Here are a few tips to keep your essential oils ready for you when you need them.

Keep the Oils in Their Original Bottles

The bottles that your essential oils come in are not just there for decoration or convenience; these bottles are made specifically for holding essential oils. These oils need to be placed in glass, since it helps reduce UV light that can cause damage to the essential oils. You will most likely get your oils in these dark bottles, so try to keep them in there. If you are making blends, pour the finished blend into another dark-colored glass bottle. You can usually get them at just about any store that sells essential oils or DIY products, from crafts stores to big box stores. Also try health food stores or look online.

Place the Bottles in a Cool, Dry Place


Once you have them in the right bottle, ensure they are never left out in the sun. If your kitchen or bathroom has a window and the sun can get in, you need to put the bottles inside a cupboard where it is dark, cool, and dry. Don’t put them near the edge of the shelves in whatever cupboard you store them so you don’t accidentally knock them down when opening up the cupboard or medicine cabinet door. They can be a danger for children to ingest, so try to choose a cabinet up high or one that is locked where nobody can get to them.

Store Your Carrier Oils in the Fridge


For your carrier oils, they are similar to other oil that you have for cooking. They need to be kept in room temperature, preferably in a cabinet and not left out on the counter. This is going to help prevent them from spoiling. However, if it gets hot inside your home, the pantry or cupboard is not enough to protect them. In this case, it is better to start them in the refrigerator. If you open a carrier oil bottle and it smells sour, then it is time to be replaced.

Essential oils, when stored properly, can give you a years of enjoyment, health, and wellness!

3 Ways To Diffuse Essential Oils To Boost Your Life


Do you love essential oils and want to use them more to help you power you brain, or maybe de-stress and relax during your day?

There are many different ways to use essential oils and one of my favorite ways to enjoy the health benefits of essential oils is by using a diffuser. Here are some helpful tips on three types of essential oil diffusers and how to use them to bring some health benefit into your space.

Cool Air Diffuser


When you want to add refreshing scent and energy to you day or fill you space with soothing essential oils at the end of a full day, then the cool air diffuser is the way to go.

With this type of diffuser, there is a high amount of cold air pressure that helps to vaporize the essential oils. There is a glass bulb inside that works like a condenser, so that the oils and their benefits can be released into the air supply. This is only done in small quantities, so it provides cool air and the scent of the oils.

I love to use various oil combinations depending on what benefit I’m seeking from my essential oils in the moment. For example, if I need brain power, I will use peppermint, sweet orange, spearmint, rosemary, or lemon essential oils alone or in combinations. For relaxation I always go to lavender or chamomile. If I’m feeling like a cold is coming on, I will use thieves blend: rosemary, cinnamon, clove, lemon, and eucalyptus.

Reed Diffuser


Reed diffusers are not as “in the spot light” as cool air diffusers, but they can also be a effective. These consist of a narrow rimmed jar with thin bamboo sticks that draw the essential oil (mixed with a carrier oil) up the sticks allowing your room to quickly fill with the scent of your choice. Reed diffusers are subtle and an easy way to softly add essential oil fragrance to a space.

Candle Diffuser


There are also candle diffusers, which look similar to a tart warmer. There is a glass container that holds a small candle on the bottom and you place the oils on the tray on the top. The heat from the candle releases the scent of the oils. Caution should be used with these, since a tea light is often the heat source. Make sure they are in a place that will not be forgotten.

This type of diffuser is lovely to use at the end of a long day as it brings the flicker of candle light into your visual space, adding one more element of relaxation.

The Busy Gal’s Guide To Essential Oils 101

Photo by doTERRA International, LLC on Pexels.com

Hey, Beautiful. Do you dabble in essential oils, but have wondered, “Hmm… how are essential oils actually made?…”

Here is some essential oil facts that answer some of those questions that pop up every now and then about the “how’s” and “why’s” of essential oils.

What Is An Essential Oil?


Knowing the basics of essential oils can help you understand more about how they are able to help you and encourage you to use them more often as a natural remedy.

Essential oils are oils that are extracted from parts of flowers, plants, and trees. The oils come from the flower petals, bark, leaves, seeds, roots, and fruits. Even a single drop of oil from these parts of a plant or tree can have drastic positive impacts on mental and physical health.

The way they are extracted is usually by steaming the plant to separate the oil from water, which is a type of distillation process. They are highly concentrated and too strong for direct contact on your skin, so a carrier oil should always be uses when applying to the skin.

Why Are Essential Oils Used?


Essential oils are used as a natural or holistic remedy for various ailments.

There is a long list of things they can help with, and while they are not meant to replace medical treatment, they can help complement and help with everything from migraines to skin conditions. Here is a short list of the many ways essential oils can help you:

• Insomnia
• Headaches and migraines
• Joint aches and pains
• Chronic pain
• Menstrual irregularities
• Cups, scrapes and burns
• Signs of aging and wrinkles
• Anxiety, stress, and depression

What Ways Can You Use Essential Oils?


There are many methods of bringing essential oils into your life. A common way is through aromatherapy, where you get the benefits from having the scent in the air, such as with a diffuser or by placing it in your bathtub.

You can ingest oils if they are diluted properly. Tea is a popular way to bring in essential oils into your diet. Bergamot essential oil can be paired with Earl Grey tea for a wonderful tea experience.

Adding a drop of citrus oil to a glass of water, such as wild orange, grapefruit, lemon, can give plain water a little excitement.

Essential oils, paired with a carrier oil, can be used topically on your skin when you want to soothe tired skin, get rid of acne, treat a bug or insect bite, or get a natural glow on your skin.

With essential oils, you have the option of using just one for its main benefit, such as lavender to relieve stress, chamomile for insomnia, or Frankincense for allergy symptoms. You can also make blends to have a different scent and generate multiple benefits at one time.

Yoga Poses to Help Reduce Daily Stress


Do you feel like your stress level builds up over the course of a long day? For many busy women, it can be difficult to find a healthy way to release stress effectively. Yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years, and many yoga poses can reduce high levels of stress as well as anxiety. However, some poses promote a peaceful mind more significantly than others, and these are some great poses to do when you only have a few minutes of time available to practice. To make the most out of the poses, remember to hold the pose for at least 30 seconds and to breathe deeply. It often helps to close your eyes or to fix your eyes on a point in front of you while concentrating on your body and your breathing.

Cat and Cow Poses

Cat Pose – freepik.com
Cow Pose – freepik.com

These two poses, connected with breathing, can really give your body a nice release. Try to picture your spine as it moves through these poses.

With the cat’s pose, you will get down on all fours on the floor. You will slowly arch your back while dropping your head. Hold this pose for 30 seconds before maneuvering into the cow’s pose. With the cow’s pose, lower your back, and lift your head up so that you are looking at the ceiling. You can continue to alternate these belly and back movements slowly while breathing deeply.

Try to inhale as you move into cow pose and exhale as you transition to cat pose. Repeating the movement pattern 3-5 times in a slow fluid manner, can wake up the body and breath connection.

Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose – freepik.com

Child’s pose is a relaxing pose that can be added to any practice. To get into child’s pose, sit on your bended knees with your arms to your side softly touching the floor. Bend your torso forward, gently sliding hands along your mat until your hands extend in front of you on the floor and head touch the ground while keeping your knees on the ground. If this bothers your knees, try to separate the knees and create a space for the belly to rest between them.

Try holding this position for 3-5 deep breaths allowing your muscles to release and facial muscles to rest. Child’s pose can be added onto and yoga pose sequence as a resting space to allow the body to absorb the moment.

Shavasana Pose

Shavasana pose – freepik.com

This pose is often done at the end of a yoga practice. Although it appears to be just a laying down position, it has powerful relaxing mind-body benefits. To assume the position, lay down on your mat with your arms resting naturally to your sides and legs extended along the floor. If this disturbs the back, try putting a yoga bolster to rolled blanket under your knees.

Focus on the breath filling up your entire body and as you exhale, let go of stress that may have built up over the day. This pose is traditionally practiced for 10 minutes allowing thoughts to drift in and out of the mind peacefully and letting go of any stressful thoughts that might come up as you exhale them away.

Each of these poses provide you with excellent stress-reducing benefits. You can sink into each pose more fully with each deep breath that you take. Allow your mind to focus on your body and your breathing, which brings you into the present.

Avoid rushing through the poses simply to be done with them, and instead, feel the tension melt away. Remember that it only takes a few minutes to enjoy the stress-relieving benefits that these poses can provide to you.